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Supervisor's Guide to Onboarding New UC ANR Employees

Employee onboarding is a critical step in the hiring process. Onboarding helps to ensure employees are successful. This is accomplished by engagement and support from the start. Fully providing new hires with all the material and tools they will need will have a direct impact on reducing turnover, support efficiency and integrating employees sooner into the organization. Review and use the Onboarding and Orientation Checklist.


Download and print checklist
Establish an Onboarding Buddy and Prepare Early: 


  • Support the hiring manager and the new hire by providing consistency  and expertise.
  • Begin the onboarding process early to allow for the establishment of an email address and access to critical UC ANR systems and files by their start date.


  • Share the positivity amongst the team and announce the new hire plans.
  • Share an introduction bio with the team prior to start date.
  • Share a welcome email, provide the new hire links to important resources such as building information, parking, and a schedule for their first week.
  • Make the Employee Feel Welcome: ensure their workspace is ready for their first day, provide available UC ANR swag and prepare a welcome card signed by the team for employee’s first day.
  • Ask employees for their preferred communication style, and how they feel best supported and valued.
  • Share UC ANR Principles of Community.

Get Engaged:

  • Have a colleague conduct a tour of the work location and introduce new hire to colleagues.
  • Schedule a team meet and greet for the new hire’s first day.
  • Check in with new employees frequently with regularly scheduled one-on-ones.
  • Introduce new hire to UCANR employee groups and provide engagement resources.