Government and Community Relations
Delegation of Authority
Major Responsibilities That Can Be Delegated:
  • Authority to advocate for UC priorities with the state and federal legislatures as determined by the Board of Regents or UC President and in full compliance with UC policies and procedures.
  • Relationship-building and effective communication with community leaders and government officials.
  • Advance science-based public policies while in compliance with UC policies and procedures.
  • With the UC Office of General Council, ensure compliance with applicable federal, state and/or local laws, regulations, and/or rules, standards and guidelines.
  • With UC Federal Government Relations, facilitates meetings between senior UC ANR leadership, key division committees and council members, and key elected and appointed officials in Washington, D.C.
Major Responsibilities That Cannot Be Delegated:


  • Develop, plan, and implement division-wide government and community relations strategies that advance UC ANR’s mission.
  • Develop and deliver government relations training for UC ANR staff and academics.
  • Spearhead and manage the development of UC ANR templates and outreach materials designed for government audiences.
Selected Requirements, Risks and Mitigation Measures
  • Communication with state and federal legislators must be coordinated through Government and Community Relations to ensure consistent messaging that reflects priorities established by UC.
  • Only the UC Regents, who have delegated authority to the President, can determine UC’s official position on legislative issues.
  • Employees contacting federal government officials (elected officials, their staff, as well as designated agency employees) must coordinate with Government and Community Relations to ensure that quarterly federal lobbying reports submitted by the University are accurate.
  • Employees shall not speak, or appear to speak, on behalf of the University without authorization.
  • Employees shall not use UC letterhead, email, or UC title in a way that implies official UC endorsement without authorization.
  • Employees shall not engage in political activities, campaigning, or advocating for or against ballot measures on state time and/or using state resources.
Resources and Background Information

For further information, contact the Government and Community Relations Director.