Academic Human Resouces
Delegation of Authority
Major Responsibilities That Can Be Delegated:
  • Carrying out administrative details in order to comply with UC policies and procedures pertaining to the unit peer review process, academic layoffs, confidentiality, and related issues
  • Carrying out administrative details concerning the negotiation and advisement of academic appointees about terms and conditions of employment, including benefits
  • Overseeing academic appointee compliance with terms of the UC ANR compensation plan, where applicable
Major Responsibilities That Cannot Be Delegated:
  • Accountability for the academic and administrative leadership of the unit
  • Ensuring the appropriate conduct of annual assessments
  • Managing academic misconduct matters
  • Compliance with all academic appointee policies and procedures on recruitment, appointment, and review as set forth in UC ANR Procedure Manual, 300 Series, Academic Personnel.
  • Appropriate consultation with academic appointee on academic personnel actions, and programmatic issues

Staff may be responsible for implementing the administrative official’s decisions and for reviewing unit compliance with UC policies and procedures, but cannot be responsible for academic or other substantive decisions for which the administrative official is accountable.

Selected Requirements, Risks and Mitigation Measures

Formal complaints, grievances, or legal action may result from many issues and circumstances involving academic personnel.  Follow procedures outlined in the UC ANR Policy and Procedure Manual, 300 Series, Academic Personnel for conducting academic recruitments, appointments, and reviews.  Be aware that problems may arise as a result of negotiating academic appointee compensation agreements and administering compensation plans/ agreements.

It is strongly suggested that the administrative official immediately involve the appropriate office if any of these issues occur or are likely to occur:

  1. Compliance (or non-compliance) with UC ANR Policy and Procedure Manual Academic Personnel Series 300 procedures: Contact Academic Human Resources or the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
  2. Negotiation of academic appointee compensation agreements and administration of compensation plan: Contact Academic Human Resources.
  3. Conflict of interest: Contact the Conflict of Interest
  4. Conflict of commitment: Contact Academic Human Resources.
  5. Sexual harassment or sexual violence: Contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  6. Disability accommodation: Contact Disability and Leave Management.
  7. Dismissal for cause: Contact Academic Human Resources.
  8. Layoffs: Contact Academic Human Resources.
  9. Misuse or mismanagement of resources: Contact Financial Services.
  10. Academic misconduct, including misconduct in science: Contact Academic Human Resources.
  11. Retaliation: Contact the Controller's office.
  12. Confidentiality of records/access to records/privacy: Contact the Controller's office.
  13. Misconduct, complaints, grievances, or legal actions: Immediately involve Academic Human Resources, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Conflict of Interest office, or the Controller's office (legal issues) if it appears that any of the following circumstances may lead to a formal complaint, grievance, or legal action:
    • Academic recruitments, appointments, and reviews
    • Confidentiality (records/ privacy)
    • Conflict of commitment
    • Conflict of interest
    • Disability accommodations
    • Discrimination, dismissal for cause, layoffs, retaliation
    • Academic misconduct, including misconduct in science
    • Misuse or mismanagement of resources
    • Sexual harassment
Resources and Background Information

For more information contact the Human Resources Executive Director.