Staff Human Resources
Delegation of Authority
Major Responsibilities That Can Be Delegated:

The administrative official may assign specific duties to other appropriate unit employees.  In assigning responsibilities to employees, it is essential that the employees clearly understand the responsibilities, abide by the policies and procedures governing the assignment, and understand the administrative structure that has jurisdiction in the assigned areas.  The following list represents some of the human resources responsibilities that may be delegated.

  • Maintaining up-to-date job descriptions, signed by the supervisor and employee, and classified by the Human Resources unit
  • Implementing UC’s Discrimination, Harassment and Affirmative Action in the Workplace policy via the local implementing procedures. (Note: Diversity and Inclusion is required by federal regulation.)
  • Coordinating efforts to resolve human resource issues and potential problems within the office in consultation with the appropriate human resource support groups in such areas as nondiscrimination, hiring or promotion, corrective action and discipline, classification and pay, and employee rehabilitation
  • Establishing and maintaining plans, standards, and expectations for performance management
  • Maintaining appropriate documentation to support and substantiate human resource actions taken in the unit, particularly in the areas of applicant selection, performance appraisal, classification, compensation, and other conditions of employment
  • Establishing and monitoring procedures for unit activities to ensure compliance with UC ANR Human Resource policies and procedures

Ensuring that the necessary forms for processing human-resource-related actions, such as benefit changes, are readily available

Major Responsibilities That Cannot Be Delegated:
  • Accountability for the overall management of the unit
  • Supporting individuals with specific, delegated responsibilities by clearly delineating roles in the unit and appropriately responding to compliance issues when raised
  • Fostering The UC ANR Principles of Community

Fostering a unit environment that respects legal and ethical requirements and UC policy, e.g., Office of the President policies, including nondiscrimination regulations, and collective bargaining agreements

Selected Requirements, Risks and Mitigation Measures
  1. Immediately involve the appropriate central administrative support unit (Academic Human Resources, Employee and Labor Relations, Office of Diversity and Inclusion) when any complaint, legal action, or formal grievance is filed.
  2. Employment offers for hire or promotion must be reviewed and the salary level pre-approved by Human Resources personnel prior to the offer being communicated.
  3. The classification level of a position must be determined by Human Resources.
  4. Employees’ hours worked and paid (including vacation, sick leave, etc.) must be accurately documented and reported and must comply with pay policies governing the classification.
  5. When advice and counsel are needed to resolve UC and/or UC ANR human resources policy interpretation and application, Employee and Labor Relations should be contacted.
  6. Failure to provide a complete, honest, and timely performance appraisal on a regular basis could be critical to the effective and efficient resolution of current and future performance issues with an individual employee.
Resources and Background Information

For further information contact the Human Resources Executive Director.