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This web-tool provides estimates of CalFresh Healthy Living intervention reach for indirect activities or Policy, Systems, and Environmental Changes (PSEs) in retail settings.  

Prior to FFY24, SNAP-Ed reach estimates were based on two-week foot-traffic data collected from a small set of grocers participating in retail interventions. These estimates approximated reach by estimating foot traffic at three different market sizes. While these estimates were convenient to use, they were static and did not consider important factors like location or store popularity. Our web-tool uses an innovative method that calculates dynamic estimates and considers factors such as a site’s surrounding population and the density of competing stores.  

The estimates provided by this web-tool are based on Fermi Estimates and guided by contemporary research. Fermi Estimates can make good approximate calculations, are convenient to use, and provide flexibility when estimating reach for the variety of SNAP-Ed retail sites such as convenience stores, small local markets, and large chain grocery stores. The research synthesized for this web-tool was pulled from a variety of sources: USDA gray literature, white papers published by foot traffic tracking companies, and peer reviewed research. Our reach calculation method is more accurate and precise than estimates generated by previous guidelines and is conveniently provided to SNAP-Ed implementers in this web-tool.