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PEARS for California Local Health Departments

PEARS in California

California, along with many other states nationwide, uses the Program Evaluation and Reporting System (PEARS) to gather CalFresh Healthy Living (CFHL) evaluation data. Using PEARS, CFHL professionals at California's Local Health Departments (LHDs) and other agencies track policy, system, and environmental change (PSE) efforts, direct nutrition education (Program Activities), indirect education (Indirect Activities), partnerships, and multi-sector coalitions. LHDs also use PEARS to complete an annual PSE Success Story. PEARS replaces the Activity Tracking Form (ATF) used prior to FFY 2018.

PEARS enables California CFHL, as well as LHDs, to measure progress as we work towards our California goals and objectives, as well as how well we meet CFHL Evaluation Framework Priority Indicators.

PEARS Support Team

LHD support for PEARS is provided by Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI), the evaluation contractor for California Department of Public Health's CFHL program. PEARS is hosted by Canopy, a Public Benefit Company.

PEARS programmatic support (NPI): EvaluateSNAPEd@ucanr.edu

PEARS technical support (Canopy): support@pears.io