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Building Permits

Building Permits General

Photo by Remmington Wanner on Unsplash
Photo by Remmington Wanner on Unsplash
Most construction, from new construction to alternations and repairs, requires a building permit.

Visit Permit Sonoma's Building & Construction Permits

No Building Permit Needed

Building a fence, replacing cabinets in your kitchen? Find out about the work you can do without a building permit.

Ag Exempt Buildings

Ag Exempt Buildings are very limited in their scope of use. They are to house animals and/or farming/ranching equipment. They are not for holding events or for processing.

See Permit Sonoma's Agricultural Building Permit Exemption for policies and procedures. 

Membrane Structures - Green and Hoop Houses

For greenhouses and hoop houses, see Permit Sonoma's webpage:

B-45 Membrane Structures for Group U Occupancies

Check your parcel zoning to determine maximum square footage allowed.

See table at the bottom of the page for a summary of the permitting requirements.