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A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. Learn more about GIS, what it is and how it is used and useful in planning. See also What is GIS.

If you want to determine your parcel zoning and land use, check out Permit Sonoma's map below. OR, if you just want to get to know Sonoma County a bit better, check out these maps... 

Sonoma County GIS Open Data Portal: GIS data accessible to citizens.

Sonoma ARCGIS Maps

Zoning & Land Use: Parcels in unincorporated Sonoma County. Parcel specific allowed uses & development criteria.

Current Road Closures: Current and planned closures for unincorporated county roads.

GeoTracker: California State Water Resources Control Boards' data management system for sites that impact, or have the potential to impact, water quality in California, with emphasis on groundwater. GeoTracker contains records for sites that require cleanup, such as Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Sites, Department of Defense Sites, and Cleanup Program Sites. GeoTracker also contains records for various unregulated projects as well as permitted facilities including: Irrigated Lands, Oil and Gas production, operating Permitted USTs, and Land Disposal Sites.

Geologic Hazard: Quick reference of fire boundaries and properties that intersect the Geologic Hazard Zone.

Cannabis Site Evaluation: Assists in evaluating potential sites for cannabis permit applications.

Tiger Salamander Permit Activity: Weekly permit activity within California Tiger Salamander (CTS) area.

Other Land Use Maps

Bay Area GreenPrint brings together a wide range of data to help you discover and highlight many potential benefits from the non-built environment, across a range of themes: Biodiversity & Habitat, Agriculture, Water, Carbon, and Recreation.

Data.Gov: Geospatial data and resources, including an interactive map of submerged land information, maps of air quality across the U.S., data on water resources, and more.

FireMappers crowdsourcing early detection of wildfires for public awareness and preparedness. 

How America Uses Its Land, Bloomberg, July 2018

MyHazards by Cal Office of Emergency Services. Identify your risk of earthquake, flood, fire and tsunami.

NEWT National Extension Web-mapping Tool: Provides relevant spatial data at a variety of scales (national, state, county) in a variety of formats (maps, tables, graphs) which can be useful from the standpoint of a single county, an entire state, and across typical Cooperative Extension boundaries on a regional or national level. Easy to use and print data. Beta available now. 

US Fish & Wildlife: GIS maps 

October 2017 Sonoma Complex Fires

Post-Fire Hazard Assessment: Permit Sonoma, ARCGIS mapping. Identifies areas having high, moderate, or low hazard estimate for flash floods, mudflows & debris flows.

Debris Removal Status: Status of public and private debris removal. 

EPA's Clean up site maps: includes maps of fires impact zones, damaged or destroyed structures, and EPA's clean-up progress. 

CAL FIRE Structure Status: indicates damaged and destroyed structures from October 2017 fires.

RESA Evaluation: Rapid Evaluation Safety Assessment. Parcel specific post-fire damage assessment (includes unincorporated County & City of Santa Rosa). Rapid Evaluation Safety Assessment, also known as RESA, is an important step in assessing the damage and safety concerns of structures after a natural disaster. The assessment allows people to use safe homes and businesses, and ensures that people are prohibited from entering unsafe structures after a disaster. RESA Inspectors are experienced building construction and engineering professionals who have been certified through the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). 

Map Layers Diagram by ARCGIS.com
Map Layers Diagram by ARCGIS.com