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Almond Pest Management Alliance (PMA)

Dan Rivers, Staff Research Associate & Almond PMA Coordinator

The aim of the Almond PMA Project is to promote the use of reduced-risk materials and practices for managing almond pests.  The project is a joint effort, with UC farm advisors, UC IPM specialists, CAFF (Community Alliance with Family Farmers), the Almond Board of California, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and growers and PCAs, working and learning together to manage almond pests effectively, economically and in environmentally friendly ways.  The monitoring of pests (and their natural enemies) will be demonstrated in cooperating growers' orchards along with trials of new materials and alternative treatment timings.  Results of these trials and monitoring programs will be presented at hands-on, seasonally-timely field meetings and at a PCA training shortcourse at the end of the growing season.  This and other useful information will be posted here at this website.

Almond PMA: Getting Ready for May, Spring 2009 Field Day