Clear Lake Aquatic Website
Clear Lake Aquatic Website
Clear Lake Aquatic Website
University of California
Clear Lake Aquatic Website

Welcome to the Clear Lake Aquatic Website!

This site is an "information repository" for many of the workings about Clear Lake, California. Our aim is to provide information and links about aquatic properties of the lake, such as fish species, water quality, algae, invasive species and lake ecology.

This website also provides an "agency directory" with links to local, regional, state, and federal agencies and organizations.

We hope this website will develop dialog and expand the knowledge of the Clear Lake watershed.

Where is Clear Lake?

What's New?

-California Invasive Species Action Week, June 5-13 2021. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is helping to promote the fight against the spread of invasive species. Click here to learn more about prevention and other management strategies!

-Understanding the Economic Value of Angling on Clear Lake, 2016 by Greg Giusti now available! Other new reports include the 2014-2015 Clear Lake Fishery and Habitat Evaluation was just added to Documents and Reports page!

-Read about the Summer 2013 bloom of cyanobacteria and aquatic plants at Clear Lake, CA. New articles added to Algae Species and Clear Lake Water Quality.

-Curious about fishing tournaments in California? Visit the CADFW website for information regarding permits and applications, special conditions for black bass contests, and fishing contest report summaries from years 2008-2013.

-If you have questions about recent species listings or candidate listings under the California Endangered Species Act and how fishing tournaments may be affected, contact Terry Foreman at (916) 445-3777 or

-UPDATED! Quagga and Zebra Mussel Eradication & Control Tactics Manual, which can be found on the Documents and Reports page.

-UPDATED! The Clear Lake Fish Species pages now reflect recent updates from the California Fish Website database.

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