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Algae Species

Information about the history of algae in Clear Lake, nuisance Blue-Green algae and Cyanobacterial blooms, and graphs/reports can be found within the Lake County Department of Water Resources website.

Visit the Lake County Department of Environmental Health for more information about Blue-Green algae, mercury accumulation in fish, and press releases.

The California Harmful Algal Blooms Portal is the resource for HABs in the state of California. Where are HABs being reported? Click here to learn more.

What exactly are Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria)? How do they affect humans? Is our drinking water safe? These questions and more are answered by the California Department of Public Health.

Summer and Clear Lake - A recent article by G.A. Giusti and published by the Lake County Record-Bee discusses the "3-Ws" of Clear Lake summer conditions. Water, weather, and wind.

Microscope photos of some algal species found in Clear Lake are shown below, and were taken by Deborah A. Hunter, UC Davis.

  • Anabaena sp.

    Anabaena sp.

  • Closterium sp.

    Closterium sp.

  • Cryptomonas sp.

    Cryptomonas sp.

  • Dinobryon sp.

    Dinobryon sp.

  • Oscillatoria sp.

    Oscillatoria sp.

  • Synedra sp.

    Synedra sp.

  • Trachelmonas sp.

    Trachelmonas sp.

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