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The Clear Lake Annotated Bibliography contains 302 references (journal articles, reports, books, videos) about Clear Lake's history, water chemistry, fish fauna and more. TIP: If you are looking for something in particular within the Bibliography, you can use the "Ctrl + F" function or "Command + F" function for MAC users to quickly search for key words (authors, dates, subjects, etc).

The Document Library, part of the Lake County Department of Public Works, has over one thousand paper documents, from maps to reports to books, going back to 1933. You can search by titles, authors, watersheds, and keywords. Searching by the topics "Water Quality" and "Algae" yielded numerous results.


Aspects of the Ecology of the Hitch, Lavinia exilicauda (Cyprinidae), a Persistent Native Cyprinid in Clear Lake, California - R. E. Geary and Peter B. Moyle, 1980

  • Growth, diet, and fecundity/fertility investigations of the Clear Lake hitch
  • Methods and results presented graphically
  • Comparison of hitch and pre-silversides introduction studies

Climate Change Vulnerability of Native and Alien Freshwater Fishes of California: A Systematic Assessment Approach - P. Moyle, J. Kiernan, P. Crain, R. Quinones, 2013

  • Vulnerability of freshwater fishes to human caused climate change
  • Cold water species vs. warm water species and likelyhood of extinction
  • Methodology for assessing vulnerability and findings discussed

California Fish Species of Special Concern- Third Edition - P.B. Moyle, R.M. Quinones, J.V. Katz, J. Weaver. 2015.

  • Standardized system of evaluation for fish status, allows for easily compared assessments of fish species.
  • Status of many California fishes, including Clear Lake hitch and Sacramento Perch
  • Threats, management suggestions, life history, and more discussed.

Fish Species of Special Concern in California: Second Edition- P. Moyle, R. Yoshiyama, J. Williams, E. Wikramanayake, 1995.

  • A report prepared for the State of California, The Resources Agency, Department of Fish and Game, Inland Fisheries Division
  • Status of many California fishes, including Clear Lake hitch and Sacramento Perch
  • Threats, management suggestions, life history, and more discussed.

The Relationship of Fish to The Clear Lake Gnat, In Clear Lake, California- A. Lindquist, C. Deonier, J.E. Hancey, 1943.

  • An early look at the relationship and natural control of the Clear Lake Gnat by 10 different species.
  • Water chemistry including dissolved oxygen and water temperature presented.

Understanding the economic value of angling on Clear Lake- A profile of a famous lake. - G. Giusti, 2016.

  • Utilizing fishing license sales to understand the impact of angling on a rural county's economy.
  • Bass fishing tournament records help determine which months are most attractive for lake activities.

Abundance and Distribution of Fishes in Clear Lake, Lake County, California. - Steinke, D.A., Young, M.J., and Feyrer, F.V., 2018.

  • Field data for fishes sampled using bottom and surface gill nets during daylight hours in Clear Lake, California, USA. This data release includes all measured environmental parameters and fish taxa included in the analysis.

Early Development of the Hitch, Lavinia Exilicauda, of Clear Lake, California - C. Swift. 1965

  • Early observations regarding the lifecycle and development of Clear Lake hitch from egg to larvae.
  • Detailed observations from 44 different stages of development with respect to pigmentation, fin and eye development, length, and egg stages.

2014-2015 Clear Lake Fishery and Habitat Evaluation - B. Ewing, K. Hickey, J. Rowan. 2016

  • Document from California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) showing diet of Largemouth Bass and other predatory fish in Clear Lake.
  • Year long electrofishing surveys were conducted along 18 randomly selected shoreline transects.
  • Conclusions were unable to determine any significant correlations between Clear Lake Hitch and Largemouth Bass

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The native and introduced fishes of Clear Lake: A review of the past to assist with decisions of the future.- Thompson, L. C., G. A. Giusti, K. L. Weber, and R. F. Keiffer. 2013. California Fish and Game 99(1):7-41

  • Extensive literature search to present findings and features of Clear Lake ecology and watershed information
  • Native and Introduced Fishes, abundance trends and impacts
  • Historical Time Line of Clear Lake Fishes and Events

Quagga and Zebra Mussel Eradication and Control Tactics- C. Culver, H. Lahr, L. Johnson, J. Cassell. 2013. Regents of the University of California.

  • Compilation of 6 information sheets that were developed to assist in the eradication or control of invasive mussels.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches and tactics

Early Detection Monitoring Manual for Quagga and Zebra Mussels- California Sea Grant Program

  • Available from the UCANR Catalog for $10
  • The manual was developed to help direct early detection monitoring efforts for small lakes, reservoirs and streams in California that are believed to be free of the invasive quagga zebra mussels.

A Delta Transformed: ecological functions, spatial metrics, and landscape change in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta- San Francisco Estuary Institute Aquatic Science Center. 2014.

  • Comparison of pre-development delta landscape and flora and fauna.
  • Loss of wetland habitats and ecosystem services might be comparable to Clear Lake
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