Weather and Climate Tools & Data

Weather and climate data are needed in a variety of applications, from managing crops, to adaptation planning, to understanding long-term trends in species and ecosystems. However working with these spatial data can be challenging, due to their large size, multi-dimensionality, and unfamiliar units.

See below for a sample of projects and tools developed by IGIS to make working with weather and climate more effective and efficient. If you have a question or a project that requires weather and climate data, please get in touch or leave a comment below.


Cal-Adapt Tools

Cal-Adapt is California's official data portal for modeled climate data - past and future. Cal-Adapt also serves interpolated observed historical weather data. We've developed libraries to import Cal-Adapt data into the R and Python programming environments using the Cal-Adapt API.

  • caladaptR. R package for importing and manipulating Cal-Adapt data in R via the Cal-Adapt API.

  • This Python module allows you to import Cal-Adapt data into Python for a specific location and/or the entire coverage area. Includes an ArcGIS toolbox to import Cal-Adapt data directly into ArcGIS Pro.


Computing Degree Days

  • degday. R package for computing degree days.

  • Python module for computing degree days.

  • Degree Days Validation Challenge. Code validation site including a sample dataset and reference answers. Code libraries that pass the challenge earn a badge.


Decision Support Tools


Workshop Recordings


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