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UC Master Gardeners are volunteers trained and certified by the University of California to provide research-based information about home horticulture and pest management. They serve their communities by answering questions from the public, teaching workshops, leading plant clinics, and speaking on a variety of subjects.

Spring Edibles Plant Library

Here you'll find lists of spring-planted vegetable varieties. Browse the links below to look through vegetables and herbs by type and learn more about each unique variety. Learn more.

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    The Lazy Gardener: Better Plants with Less Work

    If you long for a lovely landscape and bountiful baskets of homegrown vegetables, you might be surprised to learn that doing less can actually result in a healthier, more productive garden. If this sounds too good to be true, consider this: some of...

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    Pollinators Are Unsung Heroes of Planet Earth

    What is a Pollinator? Bees are famous for spreading pollen from flower to flower but just about anything that helps distribute pollen from one plant to another can be called a “pollinator.” The list of pollinators includes wind, birds,...

  • april 2021 strawbales
    Straw into Summer Gold

    Straw is not just for animal bedding. It has many other usages. With spring about to arrive, are you starting to think about planting a summer garden? Have you ever thought of growing your vegetables in straw bales? It's not only fun but also...

Ask a Master Gardener!

Do you need help with your garden? Have a pest problem? Curious about what will grow well in your region? Send us an email and include your name, location and question with photos. 

Request a Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker for an upcoming event? UC Master Gardeners can present research-based information on a variety of topics to your organization. Learn more...