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UC Master Gardeners are volunteers trained and certified by the University of California to provide research-based information about home horticulture and pest management. They serve their communities by answering questions from the public, teaching workshops, leading plant clinics, and speaking on a variety of subjects.

Spring Edibles Plant Library

Here you'll find lists of spring-planted vegetable varieties. Browse the links below to look through vegetables and herbs by type and learn more about each unique variety. Learn more.

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    Spring Garden Housekeeping: What to Do Now

      Spring along the Northern California Coast can be unpredictable. Without summer's marine layer, it can be warm and sunny during the day and very chilly once the sun goes down. It can be rainy and wet or bone dry. Or all the above! It's good to be...

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    Firewise Landscaping: Make your home safer now!

    The Bad News: “Fire Season” is now year-round in California. More Bad News: wildfires are no longer confined to areas with overgrown forests: homes in suburbia are increasingly vulnerable to devastation. The Good News: there are things you...

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    Firewise Landscaping: Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk

    Fire is a real and present danger throughout California. Climate change has brought record periods of drought and excessive heat while decades of fire suppression practices have resulted in overgrown forests. Added to this dangerous mix is a...

Ask a Master Gardener
Do you need help with your garden? Have a pest problem? Curious about what will grow will in your region? Send us an email and include:
Your Name, Zip Code, Email address, Description of problem or question, the type and age of plant, the specific problem/question, history & details - what the damage looks like (include plant location, sun exposure, irrigation method, fertilization, and insecticide applications.) Please attach photos if available (overall plant, views of pest, leaves, etc.) 
Request a Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker for an upcoming event? UC Master Gardeners can present research-based information on a variety of topics to your organization.

Become a Master Gardener

Any San Mateo or San Francisco County resident with an interest and experience in horticulture and a desire to volunteer for community service may apply.