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Troubleshooting Your Compost: Expert Panel Q & A
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Contact: SMSFMasterGardenerWorkshop@gmail.com
Sponsor: Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco

Troubleshooting Your Compost: Expert Panel Q & A
Worm Composting

  • How do I know when my compost is done?
  • Why is my compost pile stinky?
  • How do I keep pests out of my compost?

Join us for an interactive Zoom seminar to get the answers you need. The panel of experts are UC Master Gardeners/Master Composters, who will take your questions, photos & videos in advance of the seminar to be sure to address common and difficult issues during the seminar. Please send us your questions, photos & videos when you register.

Registration is Required:  Please register here.  Zoom registration link to be emailed to all who complete the workshop registration.

Master Gardener Presenter Joe Lees: Joseph “Joe” Lees, Master Composter and Master Gardener, teaches composting techniques and theory at Foothill College and conducts community workshops, classes, and lectures to advance green principles using composting and sustainable gardening techniques throughout the Bay Area. Joe’s expertise continues to build on three decades of teaching, program management and systems development experiences.

Master Gardener Presenter Carolyn Dorsch: Carolyn is a Master Composter, class of 2008.  She composts food scraps, garden clippings, leaves, etc., ultimately returning them back into her garden.  She enjoys sharing her composting knowledge while also continuing to learn from others’ experiences.

Master Gardener Presenter Kelly Torikai:  Kelly Torikai is both a Master Gardener and Master Composter. She enjoys learning, using and sharing sustainable and organic garden principles. She is particularly interested in soil, growing food and thermal/cold/worm composting.