Niños Saños, Familia Sana: Family Nutrition Education
Niños Saños, Familia Sana: Family Nutrition Education
Niños Saños, Familia Sana: Family Nutrition Education
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Niños Saños, Familia Sana: Family Nutrition Education

Lesson 2.7: Go for a walk

Background: Walking to school is a great way to be physically active. Some health benefits of walking and other physical activities include weight and blood pressure control; bone, muscle, and joint health; lower risk of type 2 diabetes; improved social well-being; and better academic performance in school-aged children.

Physical activity guidelines for children and youth, ages 6-17 years, recommend 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity. Activities that strengthen bones and muscles should be included as part of the 60 minutes.  Physical activity guidelines for adults include at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-to vigorous level physical activity. Brisk walking and dancing are examples of moderate level physical activity. Running and swimming are more vigorous activities. Bicycling can be either moderate or vigorous, depending on how fast you ride.


Teaching Tip: This lesson involves a short outdoor walk. As you walk, remind people of safety rules. If the weather does not permit a walk,  try walking in place (5 min) within the room. Walk or march with knees high, while circling arms, and reaching up with arms. Add music.  



Target Audience: Latino families with young children, ages 3 to 8 years


Key Message: Walking to and from school is great physical activity for children and parents.


Objectives: By the end of the lesson, participants will be able to:

1) List the benefits of walking to and from school for both children and parents;

2) Identify places where families can walk in their community; and

3) Take a short walk with a group of children and adults.



Walking rope with bells (such as jingle bells)

Poster paper and markers

Supplies for food demonstration (suggested Popcorn Snack)


Handouts: recipes (suggested Popcorn snack)


Click here to download lesson plan Lesson 2.7 Go for a Walk (English version)


Popcorn snack (English) (Spanish)


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