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ANR Facilitators


 A Facilitator

@ Helps a group free itself from internal obstacles so they may more effectively accomplish goals
@ Guides the group helping them identify ways to respond to challenges, while   maintaining safety and trust among the members
@ Brings processes to help the team achieve its mission

Many ANR people have facilitation training and experience and may be available to help you with your next meeting. Check with them regarding availability, travel reimbursement, recharge or fees.

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Name Email/Phone Level of experience Time limit Travel capacity Organizations facilitated for Will facilitate for Comments Location
Cynthia Kintigh cckintigh@ucanr.edu
(530) 750-1217
Non-contentious meetings Up to 6 hours 100+ miles, including flying ANR CSIT workshops and meetings, CAB workshops ANR only    
Sarah Light selight@ucanr.edu My experience includes consulting with stakeholders and planning the agenda 2-6 hours 100+ miles, including flying ANR only ANR only I have little experience but would like to assist with an experienced facilitator  
Linda M. Manton lmmanton@ucanr.edu
(559) 416-7077
Contentious meetings Multiple days 100+ miles, including flying Fresno County Farm Bureau, San Luis Obispo County Nutrition Network, Merced County Women in Ag, County Water Coalition ANR, UC, & Partner organizations Emeritus fee  
Tunyalee Martin tlamartin@ucanr.edu
(530) 750-1243
Non-contentious meetings Multiple days Less than 100 miles   ANR, UC, & Partner organizations    
Laura Snell lksnell@ucanr.edu
(530) 233-6400
Contentious meetings 2-3 hours 100+ miles, including flying United States Forest Service ANR & Partner organizations    
Jodi Azulai jlazulai@ucanr.edu
(530) 750-1239
Non-contentious meetings Up to 6 hours Less than 100 miles ANR Mentorship Program, ANR Training Forum meetings ANR & Partner organizations Would like experience assisting at contentious meetings  
Kathryn Stein kathryn.stein@ucop.edu Non-contentious meetings Up to 6 hours Less than 100 miles     Would like to facilitate small non-contentious meetings or  co-facilitate larger meetings