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The IWP - Making our educational content more available to help the people of California.

Why the IWP?

Poor User experience. Our current web (site-builder-based) ecosystem is outdated and not user-or search-friendly. It is difficult for our audiences to find what they’re looking for, and the inconsistency of both user experience and visual design across our sites adds to audience confusion about the brand, impact,value, and credibility of UC ANR.

Mixture of content. The system also creates inefficiencies and challenges due to the co-mingling of internal and external content (human resources, development, and internal communications)

The Goal. Implementing an integrated web platform that meets/exceeds the level of quality at peer institutions will provide audiences with timely, user-friendly access to the information they need. The integration of customer relations management (CRM)will enrich the use experience. The capture of select user will allow deeper engagement with UC ANR; helping to drive the user towards areas of interest such as course enrollments, volunteer sign-ups, purchases, donations and direct engagement with UC ANR experts.

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IWP Overview


IWP Committee


Proof of Concept Websites


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IWP Overview

IWP Overview (fact sheet)


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IWP Committee

Overview: Tu Tran & Wendy Powers

Committee: Linda Forbes; Jim Downing; Mark Bell; Dustin Blakey; Lorna Krkich; Sherry Cooper; John Fox; Jim Farrar; Missy Gables; Sree Mada; Jon Wilson; Mark Lagrimini; Bruce Linquist


Phase 1 (July 2020-July 2021):

  • All-new main ANR website built on the latest technology with key social media and other CRM-related integrations
  • Migration of existing web sites from Site Builder to the new platform. Each site to be migrated must demonstrate clear value and have responsible stakeholders who will continue to maintain it. Site Builder sites that have been abandoned, are outdated, or stand to be replaced by more strategic solutions on the new platform will be archived
  • UC ANR branding guidelines will be used to support the content delivery on the website and applied across all UC ANR
  • Content management strategy and taxonomy with clear governance guidelines for reviewing, publishing and maintainingcontent

Phase 2 (July 2021-July 2022):

  • Revamp of the UC ANR Portal. Some have referred to this concept as the “Organizational Intranet.” Many of the same principals applied to the public-facing web experience will be applied internally, for employees
  • Additional integrations, potentially including e-commerce systems


Proof of Concept Website

Note: The demo site is currently in a ‘development’ environment. These links are subject to change.

Example site:

1. “ambient” video background, animations, collaborative designs

2. Big Dig Day takeover sample

3.Fresh everyday” sample; see a new image each time you hit “refresh”

4. Live streaming event sample


Tagging our information is key to helping our different audiences find the information they want. A draft list of category tags has been drafted. This list was reviewed by the SI leaders and SWP/I Directors and was built on categories being successfully used in many other states.

Note: Tags are not indicators of what we do. They are there to help users find the information they are interested in.