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Accessing Interfolio for Program Review

What is Interfolio?

To deliver a better experience for Academic Program Review, ANR has teamed up with interfolio.com.  ANR Academics that participate in the merit & promotion process with ANR will upload their review materials to interfolio.

Accessing Interfolio

FIRST TIME USERS - It is extremely important to complete the four steps below to successfully access Interfolio for the first time.


STEP 1 – Open a supported web browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge (NOT Internet Explorer)



STEP 2 - Access Interfolio:

  • On ANR Portal, click on your action under the "ANR Academic Program Review." 
  • Click on the blue "Upload your review documents" button.
  • If you are taken to a screen that asks for your email address, please click the option on the right to sign in with "Partner Institution." Tip: Type "agr" into the search button to return University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Once you see the correct login screen (UC ANR branded and asks for your username, not email), type in the username and password that you use to log in to ANR Portal.
  • You may be asked to select "University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources" or "Dossier." Always select the UC ANR option in order to access both your own academic program review and the cases that you are being asked to review. The Dossier option takes you to an optional, personal account with Interfolio.




  • If you follow the exact steps above and see the message below, please let us know and we’ll add your name to the list. We have an open service ticket with Interfolio now trying to resolve this issue.

interfolio issue

  • If you see a different message or have other difficulties accessing Interfolio, please double check that you’ve completed the exact steps above, contact us. Kit Alviz at kit.alviz@ucop.edu or Jon Wilson at jonwilson@ucanr.edu.



How to log in to Interfolio in the future

You may have received an email from Interfolio with a link to view your case. That was a one-time use link. To access Interfolio in the future, see the steps above.




Upload your case materials

Once you have successfully entered interfolio, click the "Edit" button as shown in the screenshot below. You should then be able to upload files into each required.

Providing your case materials (
Providing your case materials ("packet" in Interfolio terminology)


After you've uploaded all required documents, refresh the webpage and/or click "Preview." The greyed out "Submit" button in the screenshot below will become blue and click-able. Be sure to click Submit to move your case forward.


If you do not see a Submit button, please click on the blue Edit button; you should see the Submit button on the next screen.

submit button


Lastly, you will know that you have submitted correctly is you see a "Submitted; locked..." message. You will not receive an email confirmation from Interfolio.


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