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Project Board Teams

Project Board Project Team (Biweekly meetings SFY16-19; now monthly)

Photo of Kit Alviz
Kit Alviz
Title: Program Policy Analyst 4
Unit: Program Planning & Evaluation
Phone: 510-987-0027
Email: kit.alviz@ucop.edu
Photo of Kamyar Aram
Kamyar Aram
Title: Specialty Crops Advisor
County: Contra Costa County Cooperative Extension
Phone: (925) 608-6692
Email: kamaram@ucanr.edu
Photo of Uriel Gonzalez
Uriel Gonzalez
Unit: Information Technology
Phone: 530-323-4695
Email: ugonzalez@ucanr.edu
Photo of Christopher Hanson
Christopher Hanson
Title: Programmer Analyst 3
Unit: Program Planning & Evaluation
Phone: (510) 987-0628
Email: christopher.hanson@ucop.edu
Photo of Tina Jordan
Tina Jordan
Title: Academic HR Manager
Unit: Academic Human Resources
Phone: (530) 750-1280
Email: tljordan@ucanr.edu
Photo of Anna Lee
Anna Lee
Unit: Academic Human Resources
Phone: 530-750-1277
Email: anlee@ucanr.edu
Photo of Sreedhar Mada
Sreedhar Mada
Title: Chief Information Officer
Unit: Associate Vice President - Business Operations
Phone: 530-750-1300
Email: smada@ucanr.edu
Photo of Dr Daniel Obrist
Dr Daniel Obrist
Title: Vice Provost – Academic Personnel and Development
Unit: Program Council
Phone: 530-464-8301
Email: dobrist@ucanr.edu
Photo of Joni Lynn Rippee
Joni Lynn Rippee
Title: Director, Statewide Programs and REC Operations
Phone: 530-750-1255
Email: joni.rippee@ucop.edu
Photo of Pamela D Tise
Pamela D Tise
Title: Academic HR
Unit: Academic Human Resources
Email: pdtise@ucanr.edu
Photo of Katherine Webb-Martinez MPA
Katherine Webb-Martinez MPA
Title: Director
Unit: Program Planning & Evaluation
Phone: (510) 987-0029
Email: katherine.webb-martinez@ucop.edu
Photo of Jonathan Ash Wilson
Jonathan Ash Wilson
Title: Applications Architect
Phone: (530) 750-1227
Email: jonwilson@ucanr.edu

Academic Advisory Committee (Quarterly Meetings) - Appointment Ended

Photo of Sheila J. Barry
Sheila J. Barry
Title: County Director Santa Clara / Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, San Francisco Bay Area
Specialty: Rangeland Ecology and Management, Beef Cattle Production, Rangeland Conservation, Grazing Management,
Phone: 408-282-3106
Email: sbarry@ucanr.edu
Photo of Elizabeth E Grafton-Cardwell Ph.D.
Elizabeth E Grafton-Cardwell Ph.D.
Title: Emeritus Entomology Cooperative Extension Specialist
Specialty: Citrus Integrated Pest Management
Email: eegraftoncardwell@ucanr.edu
Photo of Dr Darren L Haver
Dr Darren L Haver
Title: Director for REC System & Interim Director South Coast REC
Phone: (949) 301-9182 x1002
Email: dlhaver@ucanr.edu
Photo of Brent A Holtz Ph.D.
Brent A Holtz Ph.D.
Title: County Director and Farm Advisor
Specialty: Pomology, deciduous tree fruits and nuts, plant pathology, Whole Orchard Recycling
Phone: (209) 953-6124
Email: baholtz@ucanr.edu
Photo of Marcel Horowitz MS, MCHES
Marcel Horowitz MS, MCHES
Title: Community Nutrition and Health Advisor
Specialty: Youth Health Education
Phone: 5306668722
Email: mhorowitz@ucanr.edu
Photo of Maggi Kelly
Maggi Kelly
Title: Director, Statewide IGIS Program, Professor and Cooperative Extension Specialist
Specialty: GIS - remote sensing - spatial modeling - UAVs - participatory research
Email: maggi@berkeley.edu
Photo of Anna Charlene Martin PhD
Anna Charlene Martin PhD
Title: PPA IV
Phone: 5105062710
Email: anpmartin@ucanr.edu
Photo of Dr Peggy Ann Mauk
Dr Peggy Ann Mauk
Title: Director of Agricultural Operations/Subtropical Horticulture CE Specialist
Specialty: Citrus, avocados, and dates, crop production management, fiscal and personnel management
Phone: (951) 827-4274
Email: peggy.mauk@ucr.edu
Photo of Dr Martin H Smith
Dr Martin H Smith
Title: Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Youth Scientific Literacy
Specialty: Youth science education; scientific literacy; curriculum development; educator professional development; inquiry-based learning; experiential learning
Phone: (530) 752-6894
Email: mhsmith@ucdavis.edu