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Project Timeline


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Overall Project Timeline

SFY 2016

  • Revisited Project Board desired outcomes and project ownership
  • Established Project Board Academic Advisory Committee and Project Team
  • Developed paper mockup designs
  • Began input sessions throughout the state

SFY 2017

  • Finished input sessions throughout the state
  • Launched "phase 1" (DANRIS-X redesign)
  • Finalized paper mockup designs
  • Finalized user experience designs with contractor
  • Programmers began work on back-end/foundation of new system

SFY 2018

  • Programmers began development of "phase 2" (new Project Board system)
  • Conducted user acceptance testing
  • Project Board Academic Advisory Committee convened for last time; broadened engagement to wider ANR audience
  • DANRIS-X closed for data entry
  • Project Board opened for reporting for academics with ANR merit + promotion; trainings conducted
  • Programmers began development of Academic Human Resources and Academic Program Review systems

SFY 2019

  • Project Board opened for reporting for CE Specialists with campus merit & promotion; trainings conducted
  • Fixed user experience bugs, launched full time equivalent (FTE) reporting, improved dossier exports, and rolled out Academic Human Resources and Academic Program Review systems
  • Interfolio opened for ANR academic program review
  • Project Board search feature ("Explore") for all ANR Portal users was launched with only activities available (projects coming soon)

SFY 2020

  • Project Board remained open for year-round data entry; modified features for Year 2 reporting (dossier export, clientele descriptive statistics)
  • Modified Project Board and Interfolio to accommodate changes to ANR annual evaluation and merit + promotion guidelines
  • Modified Project Board to increase efficiencies, fix user experience bugs, provide additional ways to report Extension Activity attendance, and provide more time stamps and submit buttons.
  • Re-opened Interfolio for Year 2 academic Program Review 
  • New excel and MS Word exports were made available to all academic user types.


  • New supervisor/reviewer dashboard for ANR Academic Program Review developed with input from academics. This will assist with eventual transition away from Interfolio.
  • User experience improved by adding requested features like activity filters (e.g., filter by reporting period), readability of dropdown menus, sticky menus, time stamps to indicate last edits to themes and projects, minimizing forced log outs. 
  • Admin experience improved with more automation between admin tasks and reduced reliance on ANR IT (e.g., assigning counties, help text, portal widget message, show/hide feature) and academics' view of Project Board (county FTE, instructions and hover-over text, portal alerts, ability to see APR results).
  • Addressed several bugs related to exports and APR, updated text per new Program Team names and publication guidance to include videos, and updated links per new AHR documents.
  • Re-opened Interfolio for Year 3 academic Program Review


  • Re-opened Interfolio for Year 3 academic Program Review.
  • Replace Interfolio: Workflow Automation (WFA) will be fully integrated with Project Board by Sep. 1, 2022. Testing and trainings will occur in fall 2022 in time for use for the 2023 Academic Program Review.
  • Begin work to implement changes related to UC ANR's Gender and Lived Name Policy and other civil rights compliance needs.
  • Others TBD

Wishlist/Enhancements for SFY 2022 and beyond (pending availability of resources)

  • UC Path integration for new hires and separations, and at minimum, more admin features to reduce reliance on ANR IT.
  • Multi-year views of civil rights compliance
  • More searchability on Explore
  • New bibliography system, "Reference Point," that enables collaborative reporting
  • Recap reporting tool that integrates with business intelligence systems
  • County report download
  • New ANR Profile screens and behind the scenes updates to unit multiple directories


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