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Project Timeline


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Overall Project Timeline

SFY 2016

  • Revisited Project Board desired outcomes and project ownership
  • Established Project Board Academic Advisory Committee and Project Team
  • Developed paper mockup designs
  • Began input sessions throughout the state

SFY 2017

  • Finished input sessions throughout the state
  • Launched "phase 1" (DANRIS-X redesign)
  • Finalized paper mockup designs
  • Finalized user experience designs with contractor
  • Programmers began work on back-end/foundation of new system

SFY 2018

  • Programmers began development of "phase 2" (new Project Board system)
  • Conducted user acceptance testing
  • Project Board Academic Advisory Committee convened for last time; broadened engagement to wider ANR audience
  • DANRIS-X closed for data entry
  • Project Board opened for reporting for academics with ANR merit + promotion; trainings conducted
  • Programmers began development of Academic Human Resources and Academic Program Review systems

SFY 2019

  • Project Board opened for reporting for CE Specialists with campus merit & promotion; trainings conducted
  • Fixed user experience bugs, launched full time equivalent (FTE) reporting, improved dossier exports, and rolled out Academic Human Resources and Academic Program Review systems
  • Interfolio opened for ANR academic program review
  • Project Board search feature ("Explore") for all ANR Portal users was launched with only activities available (projects coming soon)

SFY 2020

  • Project Board remained open for year-round data entry; modified features for Year 2 reporting (dossier export, clientele descriptive statistics)
  • Modified Project Board and Interfolio to accommodate changes to ANR annual evaluation and merit + promotion guidelines
  • Modified Project Board to increase efficiencies, fix user experience bugs, provide additional ways to report Extension Activity attendance, and provide more time stamps and submit buttons.
  • Re-opened Interfolio for Year 2 academic Program Review 

Wishlist/Enhancements for SFY 2021 and beyond (pending availability of resources)

  • Supervisor/monitor features
  • New bibliography system, "Reference Point," that enables collaborative reporting
  • Recap reporting tool that integrates with business intelligence systems
  • Continued integration with ANR Portal and alerts features
  • Additional activity-level collaboration features (e.g., multi-owner activity-level collaboration)
  • Additional project features (e.g., upload documents, record personal notes, collaboration features)
  • Enhanced integrations between Project Board and Interfolio
  • County report download
  • New ANR Profile screens and behind the scenes updates to unit multiple directories


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