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Interfolio - Peer Review Committee Experience

PRC Review Instructions

  1. Login to Interfolio by clicking "REVIEW CANDIDATE" in the automated email that you receive once the case is ready for you to review.
  2. If you lose the email, here is an alternative way to log in: From Project Board, click on the top right drop down menu, then select Academic Program Review. Click on the blue "upload" button, then when you enter Interfolio, click on "Cases" on the left menu to see your cases.
  3. If you are asked to select between "UC ANR" or "Dossier", always choose "UC ANR".
  4. You will be taken to the "Case Materials" screen for the academic under review. (You may have to click on “Cases” in the left menu and then select the case of interest.)
  5. Click "Read Case" to view all the case materials provided by the candidate, letters of evaluation, supervisor review(s), and Ad hoc review (if applicable)
  6. After reviewing the case materials, scroll back to the top and click "Case Details"
  7. Download the review template indicated, fill it out, and upload it again under "Required Documents".  After you have selected a file for upload, please name it "PRC Review".  Please DO NOT upload any documents under the "Case Materials" section.  Also, please ignore the "Voting Results" section; we will not be using that feature at this time.
  8. You're done!


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