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Citrus Research

Research summary

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We collaborated with colleagues at UC Riverside and across UC ANR to compile a summary of current research being carried out to combat the threat of HLB to California's iconic citrus industry.

Click on the file link below to see a web-ready version of the brochure

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Research impacts from QBE so far

  • Contributed to the design of state-interior quarantine areas for bulk citrus transport

  • Provided scientific basis for regulation changes to require bulk citrus loads to be covered for transport between quarantine areas

  • Developed pest risk analysis framework for industry to use for evaluating future changes to transport regulations

  • Developed evidence base to permit reduction in the delimitation survey area around detected HLB cases to be reduced from a radius of 400m to 250m, reducing workload for regulatory program by >60%

  • Established unique scientific advisory panel to provide support to state and industry decision makers on issue of HLB management (DATOC)