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The Un-Organized Educator

In this Charlie Chaplin inspired short, the UC Cooperative Extension - San Diego EFNEP Program demonstrates how taking time to Organize and Plan Efficiently will help simplify those stressful situations when educators are frantically moving from one site to the next.

Success Story #1

Our EFNEP educator Mary Maser followed up with Rosa, a previous student, several weeks after she completed the Adult Nutrition Education program to see how she was getting along and provide some insight for those considering the program and/or know nothing about the program. 

EFNEP Youth PSA Featuring Stella Weaver

Stella Weaver talks about the importance of active lifestyles for youth and adolescents.

Margarita Schwarz and the Importance of Exercise for Adults

Margarita Schwarz, Community Educator Specialist, at UCCE San Diego talks about why exercise is so important and why San Diego is the perfect place to get out and get moving!