Nutrition, Personal Finance & Food Safety Education
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Nutrition, Personal Finance & Food Safety Education

Nutrition Education (EFNEP)


EFNEP: Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program

Our mission is to assist low-income youth and families with young children to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and changed behavior necessary to choose nutritionally sound diets and to contribute to their personal development and the improvement of total family diet and nutritional welfare.

Youth Nutrition Education

Youth gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to choose nutritionally sound diets and be physically active every day.

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Adult Nutrition Education


An interactive learning process where participants learn how to make food choices which can improve the nutritional quality of meals that they serve. They increase their ability to select and buy food that meets the nutritional needs of their families. They gain new skills in food production, preparation, storage, safety and sanitation; as well as how to better manage their food budget and related resources from federal, state, and local food assistance agencies and organizations.

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Making a Difference for Low Income San Diego Residents

In FY2012-2013, San Diego County EFNEP enrolled 669 families with a total of 3,258 family members.

Program graduates (n=542) made healthy lifestyle changes:

  • 89% improved one or more nutrition practice
  • 82% improved in one or more food resource management practice
  • 64% improved in one or more food safety practice
  • After completing EFNEP, 34% reported they did not run out of food as often as they did before taking EFNEP nutrition education classes.


UC Nutrition Blog

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