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SLAQ Resources

We have a variety of resources available to help with administration of the SLAQs. Resources available include:


Communication Materials

SLAQ One-Pager: Can be used to help introduce SLAQ to your School, Out-of-School, Early Care and Education, and Retail partners.

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LEAP award recognition program

LEAP award program overview: This presentation provides a general overview of what the LEAP recognition program is and the framework behind the award

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Evaluation resources

Evaluation Activity Timelines:  A handy resource that provides guidance on what evaluation activities should be happening when. There are tabs at the bottom representing each evaluation project (i.e. SLAQ, IOE, Adult Direct Ed, PEARS) that may or may not be part of your scope. 

Site-Level Summary Report Templates: These templates can be used to generate change over time summary reports for a site where you are implementing PSE changes across two fiscal years.

A demonstration video on how to use the template is available on the SLAQ training page.

Promising Practices Exchange on Assessments: This training video from CalFresh Healthy Living Promising Practices Exchange goes over the value of assessment and specifically how to use SLAQ Action Plan tool and how to engage sites once you get SLAQ scores.

Visit the CalFresh Healthy Living Promising Practices Exchange landing page for more resources and trainings.

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Planning Resources

Action Planning Tools: These tools can help you turn your completed SLAQs into an action plan to help guide program planning.

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Technical Assistance Resources

On-Going SLAQ Q&A: A list of common questions we wanted to share with everyone in case you have the same question.

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