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UCCE Advisors and Specialists write many papers summarizing research projects, monitoring procedures, and general management practices.  All papers are peer-reviewed, meaning before they can be published, another set of people within the University review to ensure the papers are scientifically valid and not someone’s opinion.  Here you will find free publications (available as a PDF) from the University of California, as well as links to larger publications you may purchase, each with a summary.  In addition, each of the publications are available at your local UC Cooperative Extension office for your convenience. 

California Range Brushlands and Browse Plants

By Arthur W. Sampson, this book provides descriptive characteristics and forage value of common California range plants.

Photo Monitoring for Better Land Use Planning and Assessment

A set of photographs taken every year from the same locations can give you a better sense of how natural events, cultural practices, and other factors change your rangeland property over time. This publication shows you how to set up and maintain this kind of record. Click here for full text.

How Can We Live with Wildland Fire

Living with fire is part of living in the West. Recurrent, expensive, and disruptive fires burn across California and much of the West each year.  What role does fire play in the natural cycle and what choices can we make about coping with wildland fire? This pamphlet and the companion DVD are excellent tools to spark community discussion.

Looking Back to the Future: Cultural Preservation (DVD)

Describes how the Mono Indians used native vegetation to meet everyday needs. A local cattle rancher describes efforts to preserve native species in his cattle ranching operation.

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