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Program Guidelines


        1. Maximum reimbursement for Professional Society travel is $650

        2. Transfer of your approval from one society meeting to another will only be made if the request is done prior to the initial meeting and if the new meeting is within the same award period.

        3. you will not attend your meeting, please contact Heather Kawakami (hekawakami@ucanr.edu) immediately. Failure to notify us in advance may render you ineligible for Professional Society Meeting support for two years.

        4. If you have access to the UC Davis AggieExpense (previously AggieTravel) system, you are responsible for processing your own travel claim. 

        5. If you do not have access to the AggieExpense system, you will need to fill out the UC ANR travel voucher form and submit with backup documentation to:



          Heather Kawakami
          Statewide Programs and REC Operations
          2801 2nd Street
          Davis, CA 95618


        6. Expenses for reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days of completing your trip. For travel in June, AggieExpense claims must be reported and approved before the Fiscal Year Travel deadline. Funds do not roll forward.

        7. The Professional Society account number will be provided with your acceptance email.


Download Guidelines PDF

Download Travel Voucher Form

Travel Expense Information