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Josh S. Davy

Livestock, Range, and Natural Resources Advisor / County Director
Cooperative Extension Tehama County
1754 Walnut Street
Red Bluff, CA 96080
(530) 527-3101
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Also in:
Colusa County
Glenn County
Program Council


Josh Davy conducts the Livestock and Natural Resources Program for Glenn, Colusa and Tehama Counties. The program provides research and educational support in the areas of livestock, range, irrigated pasture and natural resource management. Current and future projects work to keep production agriculture and natural resources healthy and sustainable.

July 2017 became the County Director for UCCE Tehama County


M.S. Animal biology, University of California, Davis. 2007
B.S. Agriculture business, California State University, Chico. 2003
Minor Animal science, California State University, Chico. 2003
Minor Business administration, California State University, Chico. 2003


Livestock, Range and Irrigated Pasture

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Peer Reviewed

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