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Summary One and a half day annual meeting which brings together extension specialists, farm advisors, experiment station and USDA personnel, and other weed scientiest to discuss research updates, major projects, regulatory and concerns impacting weed science.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Thomas Getts (Chair)
Phone 530-251-2650
Unit: Lassen County
Name Sonia Rios (Co-Chair)
Phone 951-683-6491 ext. 224
Unit: Riverside County
Membership List
Barry, Teri
Colwell, Alison
  Curator Center for Plant Diversity (Herbarium): plant identification services
Kyser, Guy Department of Plant Sciences
  Specialist Invasive plants of non-crop environments
Ohadi, Sara Ohadi
  Post-doc Weed Science
Osipitan, O. Adewale
Perez, Gale Department of Plant Sciences
  Program Representative
Watkins, Seth
AES Scientist
Crump, Amanda Department of Plant Sciences
  Lecturer, International Agricultural Development Extension Education, Postsecondary Education, Women and Vulnerable Groups, International Agricultural Development, International Program Management and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Integrated Pest Management, Tree Health, Technology Transfer Evaluation
Eviner, Valerie Department of Plant Sciences
  Professor Using a mechanistic understanding of plant-soil interactions to increase our understanding and effective management of: invasions, restoration, biogeochemical cycling, global change, grazing systems, and sustainable agriculture.
Fischer, Albert Department of Plant Sciences
Holt, Jodie Botany & Plant Sciences
  Professor Emeritus Weed science, ecology and physiology of weedy and invasive plants in agroecosystems and wildlands, ecological approaches for management
Horak, Michael
Jasieniuk, Marie Department of Plant Sciences
  Associate Professor Weed resistance to herbicides; invasive plants
Mesgaran, Mohsen Department of Plant Sciences
  Weed ecology and biology, Modeling
Norris, Robert Weed Science Program
  Emeritus Weed ecology with emphasis on population regulation, weed management, and integrated pest management in field crops. Weed management in sustainable agricultural systems.
Rejmanek, Marcel
Slaughter, David Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Professor Instrumentation and postharvest engineering for biological materials; packaging, handling, storage and transportation of agricultural commodities; nondestructive measurement of quality and composition of biological materials; robotics, control and vision systems
CE Advisor
Aegerter, Brenna San Joaquin County
  Farm Advisor Vegetable Crops, Plant Pathology
Aram, Kamyar Contra Costa County
  East Bay Specialty Crops Advisor
Bachie, Oli Imperial County
  Imperial County Director Agronomy / Field Crops
Becchetti, Theresa Stanislaus County
  Farm Advisor Livestock and Natural Resources, San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties
Bell, Carl Ventura County
  Regional Advisor Invasive Plants
Bettiga, Larry Monterey County
  Viticulture Farm Advisor Wine grape production, canopy management, pest management, rootstock and clonal evaluation.
Bolda, Mark Santa Cruz County
  County Director, Santa Cruz County and Farm Advisor, Strawberries & Caneberries
Brim-DeForest, Whitney Sutter-Yuba Counties
  County Director, Sutter and Yuba Counties and CE Rice and Wild Rice Advisor Rice, Weeds
Campbell, Marsha Stanislaus County
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus Field crops
Canevari, Mick San Joaquin County
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus Weed Control
Clark, Nicholas Kings County
  Assistant CE Advisor Agronomic Cropping Systems and Nutrient Management
Daugovish, Oleg Ventura County
  Strawberry and Vegetable Crop Advisor Ag and Environmental Issues for Veg Crops and Strawberries
Davy, Josh Tehama County
  Livestock, Range, and Natural Resources Advisor / County Director Livestock, Range and Irrigated Pasture
Doran, Morgan Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Director, Advisor for Livestock and Natural Resources Livestock, beef cattle, sheep, nutrition, range management, irrigated pastures, grazing systems, ranch water quality.
Faber, Ben Ventura County
  Advisor Soils and water, avocados and minor subtropicals in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.
Finzel, Julie Kern County
  Farm Advisor Animal Science and Rangeland Ecology and Management
Fulford, Anthony Stanislaus County
  Area CE Nutrient Management & Soil Quality Advisor Soil Health, Nutrient Management, Soil Fertility/Testing
Getts, Thomas Lassen County
  Weed Ecology and Cropping Systems Advisor
Gordon, Phoebe Madera County
  Orchard Crops Farm Advisor Peaches, Plums, Figs. Merced & Madera counties. Merced County Phone Calls ONLY for Pistachios, Almonds.
Greer, Christopher San Luis Obispo County
  Area Cooperative Extension Advisor - Integrated Pest Management Integrated Pest Management of Agricultural Crops
Hembree, Kurt Fresno County
  Weed Management Farm Advisor Weed management strategies in crop and non-crop settings
Jarvis-Shean, Katherine Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Orchard Systems Advisor
Le Strange, Michelle (Missy) Tulare County
  Farm Advisor Emeritus Vegetable crops, turf & landscape management, weed management (vegetable crops, turf and ornamentals), Master Gardener Program Advisor
Leinfelder-Miles, Michelle San Joaquin County
  Farm Advisor Crop Production, Soil and Water Resources, the Delta
Light, Sarah Sutter-Yuba Counties
  Area CE Agronomy Advisor Alfalfa/Hay, Beans, Wheat, Grains, Corn, Sorghum, Barley, Sunflower, Safflower, Oil Seed (canola, soybean), Pseudo-cereal (buckwheat, chia, quinoa, amaranth)
Lloyd, Margaret Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Small Farms Advisor Organic
Long, Rachael Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Farm Advisor for Field Crops, Pest Management Pest management, agronomy, dry beans, alfalfa, water quality, oil seed crops
Mathesius, Konrad Yolo County
  Farm Advisor Agronomy: Wheat, Grains, Corn, Barley, Safflower, Soils
McDonald, Chris San Bernardino County
  Inland and Desert Natural Resources Advisor, County Co-Director San Bernardino invasive plants, weeds, native plant restoration, vegetation management,
Milliron, Luke Butte County
  Orchard Systems Advisor
Miyao, Gene Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Emeritus Farm Advisor, Vegetable Crops Processing tomato production.
Molinar, Richard Small Farm Program
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus Small farms, vegetable crops, organic farming, insect/weed management, specialty crops, sugar peas, strawberries, eggplant, squash, Asian vegetables such as basil, lemongrass, green beans, long beans, gailon, bittermelons, refugee farmers, Hmong, Lao, fluent in Spanish
Oneto, Scott Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
  Farm Advisor Agriculture, master gardener program, rangeland management, weed science
Ozeran, Rebecca Fresno County
  Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor
Rao, Devii San Benito County
  San Benito County Director and Area Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor Rangeland Ecology and Management, Rangeland Conservation, Grazing Management, Conservation of Biological Diversity, Watershed Protection and Management.
Reiter, Maggie Fresno County
  Turfgrass and Environmental Horticulture Advisor Turfgrass management
Rios, Sonia Riverside County
  Area Subtropical Horticulture Advisor
Roncoroni, John Napa County
  Weed Science Farm Advisor, Emeritus Weed Control and Vegetation Management in Perennial Crops, Covercrops and Aquatic Weed Control
Shapero, Matthew Ventura County
  Livestock and Range Advisor
Smith, Rhonda Sonoma County
  Viticulture Farm Advisor, Emeritus Viticulture, wine grapes, water management, pest management, vine nutrition
Smith, Richard Monterey County
  Farm Advisor, Vegetable Crop Production & Weed Science Vegetable Crop Production & Weed Science
Stackhouse, Jeffery Humboldt County Office
  Livestock and Natural Resource Advisor
Stoddard, C. Scott Merced County
  County Director and Farm Advisor  Vegetable Crops and Soils Soil fertility and soil conservation, tomatoes, melons, sweetpotatoes, weed management
Tourte, Laura Santa Cruz County
  Farm Management Advisor - Emeritus
Turini, Thomas Fresno County
  Advisor Vegetable crops
Vinchesi-Vahl, Amber Colusa County
  Area Vegetable Crops Advisor Entomology, Integrated Pest Management, Pollinators, Insect-vectored diseases, vegetable crops, soilborne fungal pathogens
Wang, Zheng Stanislaus County
  Vegetable Crop Advisor Vegetable crops and irrigation
Wilen, Cheryl Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  San Diego County Interim Director and Area Integrated Pest Management Advisor. Also: IPM Extension Coordinator for Natural Resources; Interim County Director of San Diego Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for ornamental plant production and maintenance including nurseries, greenhouses, field production, floriculture, turf and landscape, pesticide reduction and alternatives. Research specialty in weed management, snails & slugs.
Wilson, Rob Intermountain Research & Extension Center
  Farm Advisor Pest managment in vegetable and field crops; Potato variety development; Production of potatoes, onions, peppermint, and small grains
Wright, Steven Kings County
  Farm Advisor- Tulare and Kings Counties Cotton, small grains, weed control
Wunderlich, Lynn Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
  Farm Advisor Viticulture and Pomology for the foothills; Sprayer calibration; Integrated Pest Management; Biological Control
Zhuang, George Fresno County
  Viticulture Farm Advisor Viticulture
CE Specialist
Al-Khatib, Kassim Department of Plant Sciences
  Professor, Plant Sciences CE Specialist in Weed Sciences
Baird, James Botany & Plant Sciences
  Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist in Turfgrass Management and Assistant Turfgrass Horticulturist Turfgrass Management
DiTomaso, Joseph Weed Science Program
  CE Weed Specialist Non-crop areas, including weeds of rangeland, forestry, rights-of-way, roadside, wetlands, and natural sites and taxomony
Elmore, Clyde
Fennimore, Steven Weed Science Program
  CE Weed Specialist Weed control in cool-season vegetables, weed biology, weed seed germination
Hanson, Brad Department of Plant Sciences
  CE Weed Specialist
Hartz, Timothy Department of Plant Sciences
  CE Vegetable Crops Specialist Improved management regimes for commercial vegetable production, cultural practices for warm-season vegetable crops
Hill, James Department of Plant Sciences
  CE Specialist Conducts research and education programs on rice-based cropping systems with focus on production technologies such as direct seeding; weed control; nutrition; residue management and the relationship of these factors to environmental quality.
James, Jeremy Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center
  SFREC Center Director Range Management
Lanini, W Weed Science Program
  CE Weed Ecologist Ecology, weed crop competition, weed biology and low-input agriculture
Lundy, Mark Department of Plant Sciences
  Assistant CE Specialist Grain Cropping Systems
McGiffen, Milton Botany & Plant Sciences
  CE Specialist and Plant Physiologist Vegetable Crops, Invasive Species, Weed Science, Sustainable Agriculture, and Alternatives to Methyl Bromide
Oki, Lorence Department of Plant Sciences
  Specialist in CE, Environmental Horticulture Irrigation and runoff management in urban landscapes and nurseries; effect of water quality (salinity) on plant growth; evaluating ornamental plants for use in landscape horticulture; introduction of plants for environmental horticulture. Additional unit assignment: Dept Human Ecology- Landscape Architecture Program, CoDirector UC Nursery and Floriculture Alliance
Other ANR
Arnold, Kari Stanislaus County
  Farm Advisor Walnuts, Cherries, Grapes and Apricots
Blecker, Lisa Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Coordinator, Pesticide Safety Education Program and Office of Pesticide Information and Coordination (OPIC) Pesticide Safety Education. Coordinate and review Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) activities pertaining to pesticide research, experimentation and use. Provide quality assurance of DANR publications recommending pesticide uses.
DeBiase, Ria Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  PMG Coordinator
Gable, Missy UC Master Gardener Program
  Director Horticulture
Galdi, Giuliano Siskiyou County
  Agronomy and Crops Advisor
Jones, Michael Mendocino County
  Forestry Advisor - Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma Counties Entomology; Integrated pest management of invasive and endemic forest pests
Kosina, Petr Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Content Development Supervisor
Lam, Chinh Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  IT Supervisor and Lead Programmer
Martin, Tunyalee Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Associate Director for Communications Leads UC IPM communications, manages IPM publication projects, and supervises editorial and technical staff developing and producing IPM outreach materials for Web and print.
Messenger-Sikes, Belinda Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Urban IPM Writer Editor Urban IPM, school and child care IPM, general plant pathology, Phytophthora root rot
Parreira, Stephanie Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  IPM Writer/Editor
Schellman, Anne Stanislaus County
  UC Master Gardener Coordinator
Windbiel-Rojas, Karey Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Associate Director for Urban & Community IPM/ Area IPM Advisor Integrated Pest Management
Anderson, Lars
  Aquatic plant management consultant Aquatic Weed Biology/Control
Boyd, Betsy
  Assistant Professor Entomology, IPM, Weed Biological Management
Brennan, Eric
Grewell, Brenda
  Research Ecologist Plant Ecology
Kratville, David
Madsen, John
  Research Biologist Aquatic Weed Biology and Management
Medic, Ana
  Lecturer weed management, plant protection materials
Mosqueda, Elizabeth
Pitcairn, Mike
Pratt, Paul
Shrestha, Anil
  Professor Weed Science
Steenwerth, Kerri
  Research Soil Scientist
Steinmaus, Scott
  professor plant biology (weed science)
Woods, Dale
Membership Totals
Number of Members109
ANR Members95
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