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Please direct questions about the trials and inquires about submitting plant material to Karrie Reid, skreid@ucanr.edu, and Jared Sisneroz, jasisneroz@ucdavis.edu.

For regular project updates follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UCLPIT/

Darren Haver

Darren Haver
Water Resources/Water Quality Advisor and Director of South Coast REC and UCCE Orange, dlhaver@ucanr.edu, https://ucanr.edu/?facultyid=954

Lorence Oki

LOki cp2 (2)
 UCCE Environmental Horticulture Specialist, lroki@ucdavis.edu, https://ucanr.edu/?facultyid=1707

Karrie Reid

Environmental Horticulture Advisor, UCCE San Joaquin County, skreid@ucanr.edu, https://ucanr.edu/?facultyid=3418

Jared Sisneroz

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Staff Research Associate II and Project Manager, UC Davis Plant Sciences, jasisneroz@ucdavis.edu