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These are all the plants evaluated at South Coast REC (SCREC) since 2018.

  • Plants are listed alphabetically by scientific name
  • Plants were evaluated in-ground in full sun or under 50% shade cloth.
  • All plants were evaluated in Irvine, CA (WUCOLS Region 3) at the UC South Coast Research and Extension Center.
  • All plants were irrigated with recycled irrigation water.
  • The best average Overall Appearance rating a plant received during the treatment season is listed as Mean O/A Score (based on a 1-5 scale, where 5 is highest).
  • NR = not rated; BR = trialed before O/A rating began; NC = not collected due to high plant mortality.
  • Each plant is classified according to WUCOLS IV Categories of Water Needs- H: High; M: Moderate/Medium; L: Low; NA: Not Appropriate for this region. (See the Nuts and Bolts tab for details on how the recommendation was determined.)
  • * Plants receiving an overall appearance rating of 3 or less are not recommended in this area under these irrigation conditions.
  • ** Plants that performed poorly in full sun, but if used, some shade is suggested.
  • printer friendly pdf version: Plant Index South Coast REC 20200602