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Open House


Participants rating plant material at the 2019 Davis Summer Open House. (SK Reid)


Each spring, summer, and fall the project opens the field sites to expose participants to new plant material and asks guests to rate the performance of selected plants on each irrigation treatment.

At this time, the event is not open to the general public and attendance is limited to landscape, horticulture, and nursery professionals as well as UCCE Master Gardeners. 

While participation is free, registration is required for each event.

What's involved?

Participants assess foliage quality, floral quantity and overall appearance of selected plants. The ratings take roughly 60-100 minutes to complete. Staff will provide a rubric, ratings sheet, clipboard, and a brief orientation. We also enjoy discussing with attendees the methods we use and the principles involved in landscape irrigation.

Important Details:

Participants should wear sturdy, comfortable shoes, as the field paths are packed soil. You may also want to pack and use sunscreen and wear a hat, as most of the plants are in full sun. Participation is voluntary. Carpooling is encouraged, but not required. Cold water and a shade structure for resting are provided. 

Plants being evaluated in 2023:

  • Anigozanthos Regal Velvet*
  • Bouteloua 'Zig Zag'
  • Calliandra x california hybrid*
  • Caryopteris Sapphire Surf
  • Chrysactina mexicana
  • Eremophila 'Mingenew Gold'*
  • Galphimia gracilis
  • Hesperaloe 'Straight up Red'*
  • Jasminum angulare*
  • Justicia spicigera
  • Lantana Bloomify Red*Lantana New Gold*
  • Lantana Super Purple*
  • Miscanthus Bandwith
  • Penstemon Diablo
  • Rosa Blushing Drift
  • Rosa Pretty Polly Lavender
  • Salvia greggii 'Ultra Violet'
  • Sarcococca confusa
  • Sphaeralcea 'Louis Hamilton'*
  • Vitex Summertime Blues

*This selection is only being evaluated at South Coast REC

Invites & Flyers

Fall 2023 Event Flyer

Feel free to distribute to landscape and horticulture professionals who may be interested. Please note registration is required to attend.