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Marie Simon Ceanothus


Marie Simon is a hybrid ceanothus that is semi-deciduous with spearmint green leaves and large panicles of fluffy pink blooms from April to June. In 2 years the average height and width grew from 20” X 13” to 36” x 53”. The significant difference in performance between irrigation treatments was that the 80% treatment performed worse than all the others. We can confidently say that they will perform well on any level at or below 60% ETo. There was 83% mortality at 80% ETo; 0% at 60%; 16.7%(1 plant out of 6) at 40% and 20%.

Plants can be quite unattractive late in the winter, but recover quickly in early spring. There was some edge burn on leaves as summer progressed that may be due to boron build-up from irrigation water. Spring bloom was abundant, and the remaining wine-colored seed heads lasted for another couple of weeks, contrasting nicely with the dark red stems. A very attractive feature. While the overall average quality of plants on 20% and 40% of ETo was comparable, there was a surprise repeat bloom late in the summer and into fall at the 40% level. The excellent performance of this plant at the lower levels makes it a candidate for no more than monthly summer watering, and perhaps less in heavy soils.

Ceanothus × pallidus 'Marie Simon'

Marie Simon ceanothus with Echinacea and Verbena in a garden setting. Photo: SK Reid.
Marie Simon ceanothus with Echinacea and Verbena in a garden setting. Photo: SK Reid.

Basic Info

Submitted by: UC Davis Arboretum
Trial Exposure: Sun
Year evaluated: 2009
Height & Width
(after 2 years):
44" x 53" - UC Davis
Reported Height & Width
(at maturity):
1-2' x 1-2'
WUCOLS plant type: S A
Water Needs & WUCOLS Region:
Medium - Region 2 
Mean Overall 
Appearance rating:
(1-5 Scale, 5 is highest)
4.4 - UC Davis 
Flowering Months
April-June - UC Davis

Growth and Quality Data

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