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Pest management coverage in ANR publications

The following series of major ANR Communication Services publications deal with pest management information for agricultural crops, but in different ways.

Production manuals
Crop production manuals provide growers with an overview of all practical information related to production of a specific crop, from planning and economic considerations to the handling the harvested crop. The pest management chapters of the production manuals should summarize or highlight the more in-depth information contained in IPM manuals. 

Specifically, major pests should be described and damage symptoms explained; a brief seasonal biology description is appropriate, and management is discussed in general terms, with references to the IPM manuals and Pest Management Guidelines for more details. 

For crops where no IPM manual exists or is anticipated, more in-depth coverage of pest monitoring and management is appropriate. Specific pesticide guidelines or recommendations are not given, but general pesticides can be discussed. One or two color photos of each major pest, typically in color, are included, and minor pests are often not illustrated.

Integrated Pest Management manuals
IPM manuals provide extensive, in-depth information on pest management for growers and pest control advisors. The IPM manuals present an overview of the whole pest management program for all pests in the context of cultural practices recommended for that crop. Crop production information that relates to IPM practices may be included in IPM manuals, but it should summarize or highlight the more in-depth information contained in crop production manuals.

For crops not expected to have a production manual, inclusion of somewhat more detailed production information may be considered. For each pest detailed, information on identification, biology, damage and management is included. IPM manuals detail monitoring and sampling programs and may contain monitoring forms, degree-day tables and discussion of other types of sampling tools and aids. They do not include specific pesticide recommendations because they are usually updated no more often than every 5 years. The manuals include multiple color photos of each major pest, its damage and natural enemies, as well as photos of most minor pests.

Pest Management Guidelines
The online UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines (PMGs) are a brief information series on pest management for agricultural crops. These are produced by the UC IPM Program for its Web site. They contain the University's guidelines for specific pesticides, biological control agents, and rates of application to be used on agricultural crops. They also contain brief information on pest identification, damage, monitoring, and information on nonchemical control methods including organically acceptable methods. PMGs are updated regularly as pesticide suggestions and options change. 

Because pesticide registrations and availability changes annually, production manuals, IPM manuals and other durable, for-sale publications should refer to the PMGs for specific, up-to-date information on pesticides (including herbicide selectivity tables), rather than including this information in publications meant to remain in print for several years.