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Focus on Outreach: What is the UC ANR Cultural Resource Team? The Cultural Resource Team is a group of volunteer ANR employees (academic and staff) who have a familiarity in a particular culture(s) and who speak (with varying degrees of fluency) the languages associated with these cultures. Do you have a CE program and are having difficulty getting a particular community involved with your program because you’re unfamiliar with their culture? Consult the list below of the ANR Cultural Resource Team.

Someone listed there may have experience with the culture you’re trying to reach. Contact whoever you’d like who has experience with that cultural community and get some guidance on how you might make your outreach more effective.

Do you, yourself, have experience with a particular minority culture and/or speak a second language? If you would like to also volunteer for the Culture Resource Team contact: David White at and get on the list!



 Contact Info.

 Familiar with . . .


 Maria de la Fuente / Monterey

(831) 759-7358


 Latino/Hispanic communities

 Fluent in Spanish

 Jim Downer

(805) 645-1458


 Hispanic culture

 some Spanish

 Luis Espino

(530) 458-0578
 cell: 530-635-6234


 Hispanic culture

Fluent speaker & writer in Spanish

Maria Murrietta
 /San Luis Obispo

(805) 822-7976

Mexican culture



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