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2014 New Call for Positions

2014 URS Call for Positions

This proposal has been formally submitted for the 2014 cycle.

Position Details

076 Chemical and Biologial Management of Plant Diseases Specialist

Proposed Location/Housing

Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, UC Riverside

Proposed Area of Coverage

California statewide, with an emphasis in Southern California


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A concern is that UC has no plant pathologists working in Environmental Horticulture. This position could have been strengthened if it had included EH. That being said we are also lacking Plant Pathology specialists at all of our land grant institutions.
Posted Jul 9, 2014 1:37 PM by Jim Downer
I support having this position at UCR especially if scope can be broadened to multiple commodities. There has been a clear and long term need for increasing the ranks of practical plant pathologists at UCR that understand the critical need for "in the field" work not just bench research. Translational scientists are hard to find but key to advancing and implementing the knowledge developed by campus based researchers. Hopefully the advancement system will allow for high level recognition of the contribution that these individuals provide for those of us that have our feet in the fields!
Posted Jul 14, 2014 3:28 PM by Mike Mellano

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