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2016 Call for Positions

On December 14, 2016 UC ANR Vice President Humiston announced the the release of 26 CE positions from the 2016 call for a new round of hiring over the next two years. This new release continues the commitment for hiring to exceed projected turnover, thus achieving the goal of academic growth. And, as funding becomes available, UC ANR will consider additional positions.

2016 approved CE positions

January 12, 2016 solicited proposals for Cooperative Extension (CE) advisor and specialist positions in the ANR Update. The call identified positions for strengthening and expanding the UC ANR network to address programmatic gaps and emerging needs. Below this public webpage displays all 138 new CE position proposals (there is a search tool to assist in finding proposals).

The online submittal process was open from January 12 – May 5 (5:00 PM) to allow as much time as possible for internal consultation and external input from UC ANR stakeholders in all program areas. Submissions were accepted from the following official submitter groups:

The Review Phase was completed May 5 – August 1. All proposals were reviewed. The program area and unit reviews were conducted by the Program Teams; geographic groups of County/Multicounty Partnership and Research and Extension Center Directors, and the UC ANR affiliated colleges and school. These groups prioritized and provided rationale for the position proposals under their purview. This input was used to inform UC ANR Program Council’s recommendations and ultimately the UC ANR Vice President’s decisions. More information about the review process is available in the review orientation.

The public comment period was open Jan. 12 through July 11, 2016. Comments can be viewed by clicking the position links below. Comments were reviewed by the review groups, Program Council and the Vice President.

Relevant documents:

If you have any questions, contact Katherine Webb-Martinez at (510) 987-0029 or


2016 URS Call for Positions

This proposal has been formally submitted for the 2016 cycle.

Position Details

126 Small-Scale Fruit and Vegetable Processing Specialist

The Specialist will assist the over 4,000 small companies (< 500 employees) already licensed to process fruits and vegetables in California, as well as urban entrepreneurs interested in starting businesses. There has been a steep increase in urban production of “local” foods and cottage food preservation. These interactions would serve the Sustainable Food Systems and Healthy Families and Communities initiatives and create potential research and service income opportunities. Advisors have been challenged to meet the needs of these small-scale entrepreneurs, as identified by the 2014 UC ANR Urban Ag Task Force.

Extension activities will include development of workshops for processing personnel as well as CE Advisors. Topics will include raw material quality, safety and postharvest handling, postharvest physiology, qualitative changes in color, flavor and texture, and value-added processing, such as canning/jarring, freezing, pickling, dehydration and packaging.

Research may address both raw material (fruit and vegetable) quality and effects of processing on fruit and vegetable color, texture, flavor and nutrient content. Focus will be on production of microbiologically safe, nutritious and appealing preserved fruit and vegetable products, in such a way that losses at peak production times are reduced and new opportunities are opened for small businesses.




Proposed Location/Housing

Department of Food Science and Technology, UC Davis

Proposed Area of Coverage

Statewide with focus on urban communities.


Associated Documents



I agree that a Cooperative Extension Specialist in Small-Scale Fruit & Vegetable Processing would be a valuable asset for entrepreneurs interested in starting businesses in California. There is no reason to direct these individuals to private firms for assistance when so much expertise exists within the Food Science Department. This could be considered one stop shopping, and the information provided would be excellent. I support this proposal with a high ranking.

complement the expertise in the Food Science Department
Posted Apr 23, 2016 4:25 PM by Steve Stewart
Such a position would enhance small businesses and help entrepreneurs, which is important for California's economy. A specialist in this position will allow individuals to have access to relevant, timely and valuable information that will ensure the best quality products. I fully support this proposal.
Posted Apr 24, 2016 3:51 PM by Carolyn Slupsky
The number of small or new food processors is rapidly growing in California, and these firms are producing a wide array of products. As a result, there is a significant demand for training, assistance, and research to help these companies to efficiently produce safe and nutritious products and to grow their businesses. This need is especially acute for small companies who do not have sufficient internal resources. There are very few resources currently available, and this position would be a great asset to the food processing industry. This type of position has been needed for a number of years and there will be many opportunities for collaboration with the private sector and government agencies. The California League of Food Processors rates this position as very high priority and urges UC ANR to move forward.
Posted Apr 25, 2016 1:45 PM by Rob Neenan, President, California League of Food Processosrs
ANR CE Specialist Position at UCD is vital to the State of California, and strongly recommended. We are the top source for specialty crops in the USA. For the health of all of our people, our communities, and for the future, we should support this position. Davis is uniquely located in the heart of California and accessible to all parts of our state. Why would California offer less than other states, when our crops are vital to our nations food security? Food safety is a genuine concern, and finding proper expertise for small sized companies is difficult, costly, and many times downright risky. The pressure is immense for small companies, farmers, entrepreneurs, etc. to process when crops are ripe / ready for harvest, and timely accurate support is critical. It is known that opportunities for future security of family / small farms are vastly decreasing, as well as the age of the average farmer is drastically increasing in the recent decades. Viable technical, academic, agricultural, harvesting, handling, processing, and business support (etc.) will go a long way to revitalize this critical segment of our fruit and vegetable processing business sector and attract future young talent back into agriculture for years to come. Many markets / retail outlets are placing pressure on small businesses to support marketing initiatives that are many times consumer driven. These initiatives place a disproportionate cost on small farmers / food companies to meet these rigorous and changing demands. It is not trivial to stay current on state and national regulatory requirements and changes. Mistakes not only impact the small company but consumer health as well. Please approve this proposal.
Posted Apr 25, 2016 5:02 PM by Gwen Young
I am pleased to see this position proposal announced. I am in full support for the following reasons. California has a very diverse agricultural potential and the UC Cooperative Extension needs to have resources and focused capabilities devoted to continuing the exploitation of this enormous resource. Small scale entrepreneurs should be encouraged, nurtured and assisted as this area of the California economy begins to realize critical mass.Big Agriculture and large scale food processing industries are well established in California. The resources of the University of California and Cooperative Extension would be well deployed and very timely in supporting this next wave of growth in the California agricultural economy.
Posted Apr 30, 2016 10:09 AM by Kenneth M. Zeff
This position would not only benefit small-scale and new producers, but also our local established food-processing industry. There is a lot of interest and activity in developing fresh and locally grown food, but this comes with the risk of having relatively inexperienced entrepreneurs producing and selling food that is of poor quality or even unsafe. This position is of high value because -through education, training and research- it will help insure that California maintains and enhances its standing as the leading production area of so many safe and nutritious foods.
Posted May 9, 2016 2:33 PM by Mark Evans
Having taught the UC Short Course, Getting Started in the Specialty Food Business, for over 20 years, I strongly support this position. It would offer support that would be particularly valuable to smaller food processors and individuals who are seeking to start their own food processing businesses. Large processors can afford to hire their own product development staff or consultants. The position would promote regional economic development as well as increasing demand for California-grown specialty crops.
Posted Jul 11, 2016 5:17 PM by Shermiain Hardesty

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