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2016 Call for Positions

On December 14, 2016 UC ANR Vice President Humiston announced the the release of 26 CE positions from the 2016 call for a new round of hiring over the next two years. This new release continues the commitment for hiring to exceed projected turnover, thus achieving the goal of academic growth. And, as funding becomes available, UC ANR will consider additional positions.

2016 approved CE positions

January 12, 2016 solicited proposals for Cooperative Extension (CE) advisor and specialist positions in the ANR Update. The call identified positions for strengthening and expanding the UC ANR network to address programmatic gaps and emerging needs. Below this public webpage displays all 138 new CE position proposals (there is a search tool to assist in finding proposals).

The online submittal process was open from January 12 – May 5 (5:00 PM) to allow as much time as possible for internal consultation and external input from UC ANR stakeholders in all program areas. Submissions were accepted from the following official submitter groups:

The Review Phase was completed May 5 – August 1. All proposals were reviewed. The program area and unit reviews were conducted by the Program Teams; geographic groups of County/Multicounty Partnership and Research and Extension Center Directors, and the UC ANR affiliated colleges and school. These groups prioritized and provided rationale for the position proposals under their purview. This input was used to inform UC ANR Program Council’s recommendations and ultimately the UC ANR Vice President’s decisions. More information about the review process is available in the review orientation.

The public comment period was open Jan. 12 through July 11, 2016. Comments can be viewed by clicking the position links below. Comments were reviewed by the review groups, Program Council and the Vice President.

Relevant documents:

If you have any questions, contact Katherine Webb-Martinez at (510) 987-0029 or


2016 URS Call for Positions

This proposal has been formally submitted for the 2016 cycle.

Position Details

017 Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor - Mariposa and Merced Counties

This is an environmental horticulture position with an emphasis on resource utilization and conservation within communities located in an arid environment. Outside of developing a traditional urban horticultural program, this Advisor position will have a greater emphasis on observing and developing mitigation strategies for the changes that occur with city growth, invasive pest introduction, and climate change on a local-regional landscape scale.  This Advisor would also have the opportunity to explore how communities can be designed to provide healthy living conditions, a healthy ecosystem, as well as mitigate the impacts on rural-urban interfaces and the loss of farmland.

Proposed Location/Housing

Merced County

Proposed Area of Coverage

Mariposa and Merced Counties


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This position will tackle some issues that are really critical to San Joaquin Valley (SJV) communities. First is the need for extending research-based information to Master Gardeners and the general public on how to make our urban landscapes more sustainable in the face of diminished water supplies and eroding water quality. Secondly - despite the competition for water, SJV communities are projected to start growing rapidly again because housing is so expensive in the Bay Area and Sacramento metro areas. We need to better address the rural-urban interface issues. UC needs to give more attention to how we can reduce the impact of population growth on our very important food system.
Posted Jun 3, 2016 2:18 PM by Maxwell Norton, Past-President & Director-Central Valley Farmland Trus
The Central San Joaquin Valley is arguably the most productive agricultural region in the world. California's agricultural heritage has never more threatened than it is today in the Central Valley. Urban and rural development are encroaching productive farmland creating conflicts on the edges. If we wish to protect the $50 billion ag industry as well as food safety and security here in California, It is imperative jurisdictional policies must be established to insure productive agricultural lands are giving highest priority for protection. How that is done becomes multifaceted, regionally complicated, and highly political. The proposed position could be integral in facilitating pragmatic and goal oriented discussion across all jurisdictions and provide a conduit for establishing priority policies promoting farmland conservation.

Bill Martin, Executive Director
Central Valley Farmland Trust
Former CSU Stanislaus lecturer on Ag Policy & Planning
Posted Jun 3, 2016 3:00 PM by William (Bill) Martin
Merced County’s economic driver is in the hands of our farms and fields as agriculture is at the forefront for our community. As our farms and ranches are hampered with a number of issues that plague them daily, the loss of agriculture land to urban settings is a constant factor. Our farming community continues to produce more with less and can benefit greatly by the addition of an Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor. We encourage the addition of a qualified individual to our staff at the Cooperative Extension.

Breanne Ramos
Executive Director
Merced County Farm Bureau
Posted Jun 24, 2016 7:32 AM by Breanne Ramos
This Advisor position is critical to help the public and County leadership address global change and sustainable community development. The integrated nature of the position allows the Advisor to take full advantage of the UC California Naturalist community growing in these counties. It also addresses important land use change issues such as farmland conversion along with the role that citizen scientists can play in ecological monitoring. This later point would compliment a UCB Specialist position focused in this same area that is being proposed. Together this new advisor and UCB Specialists in ecoinformatics and citizen science could advance an emerging area of research and extension.
Posted Jun 27, 2016 10:11 AM by Adina Merenlender
On behalf of the Merced County Master Gardeners Program I would like to offer our strong support for this Environmental Horticulture Advisor to be based in Merced and Mariposa Counties. Our Master Gardener program is very successful and we have approximately 50 members in the group. We donate thousands of hours annually teaching and assisting the public in how to live in their home gardens and landscapes in an ecologically friendly, environmentally sustainable manner.
The Merced County UCCE Master Gardener program has provided outreach and program efforts to multiple areas and demographics across the County. We have developed programs to assist in food security/home gardening, drought management, and public outreach. Additionally we are currently participating on an advisory garden committee to the University of California Merced as they prepare to meet their sustainabilty goals. Furthermore, we have assisted UC Merced in their efforts to develop an on campus Farmers Market and community garden in the city of Merced.
A key part of our success has been and needs to remain a close relationship with the UC Farm Advisors in the Merced office. Their specialized training is crucial in providing us with needed experience and technical knowledge to fulfill our mission. Unfortunately due to reductions to two Farm Advisors in Merced as a result of retirements, it has put a sever strain on their availability to assist us. Their workload simply does not allow them the time to concentrate on our program despite their wholehearted support of our goals. With the approval of this proposed position we, the Merced County Master Gardeners, are confident that we can grow our program to even greater success, networking with the Cal Naturalist program and UC Merced, and achieve even greater outreach to the public.
Let me urgently request that you favor this position with approval.
Posted Jul 2, 2016 10:54 AM by Dave Hackney-Steering Committee- Merced Master Gardeners
Merced and Mariposa Counties comprise economically depressed communities that are faced with incredible ecological (i.e. drought), agricultural (i.e. scarcity of water, salinization), and urban growth pressures, as UC Merced plans to double the size of its campus by 2020. This Environmental Horticulture Advisor position is crucial to this community to help advise on ecologically-sound landscape practices in our arid environment and to help mitigate impacts on rural-urban interfaces, loss of farmland, and alterations to natural ecosystems during this time of potentially rapid urban development. As the California Naturalist Program coordinator and instructor at UC Merced, this position would help us greatly expand educational opportunities for our diverse population in the San Joaquin Valley and central Sierra Nevada foothills region (particularly through service learning and citizen science projects); help build a network of communication and support between UC Merced, UCCE, other regional organizations, and our local community; and help transition the region into a more sustainably-aware region.
Posted Jul 5, 2016 3:20 PM by Monique Kolster
The Merced County Board of Supervisors would like to express its support for the inclusion of an Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor for the cooperative extensions in Merced and Mariposa counties.

An Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor would have a great impact to our area in helping develop mitigation strategies for the changes that often occur with city growth, the introduction of invasive pests and climate change on a local-regional landscape scale. The position would also provide an opportunity to explore how to design the local community to promote healthier living conditions and mitigate rural-urban impacts and the loss of farmland. With the requested position covering Mariposa and Merced counties, the addition would be of regional benefit.

The approval of this advisor would be of considerable value to Merced and Mariposa counties, and the Merced County Board of Supervisors therefore respectfully requests the approval of this position.
Posted Jul 8, 2016 10:18 AM by Hubert "Hub" Walsh, Jr. -- Chairman, Merced County Board of Supervisors

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