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2018 Call for Positions

December 20, 2019 Vice President Humiston announced the release of the following six positions for recruitment.

  • #12 Production Horticulture Advisor, San Diego County
  • #42 Agronomy Area Advisor, Merced County
  • #54 Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, Siskiyou County
  • #58 Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences Area Advisor, San Mateo-San Francisco Counties
  • #62 Vegetable Crops and Small Farms Advisor, Riverside County
  • #66 Pomology and Water/Soils Area Advisor, Kings County


In the fall of 2019, UC ANR embarked on the 2019 reconfirmation process. VP Humiston asked UC ANR programmatic groups (listed below) to reconfirm the 2018 CE position proposals list -- in order to fill a limited, small number of CE positions. She asked if there were higher priorities/critical needs/emergency gaps that weren't on the 2018 list of 46 but should be? Those were added to this web page at the end of November 2019, using the template and criteria below. Any 2018 proposals that needed significant revisions were updated and re-posted below.

  • Any proposal numbered above 46 was submitted as an emergency gap proposal during the 2019 reconfirmation process.
  • The following proposals were updated as part of the 2019 reconfirmation process: Advisor #'s 1, 4, 5, 8, 12, 42; and Specialist # 35.
  • # 18 Wildlife Management Area Advisor was already under recruitment.

From January - September 2018 initiated the 2018 CE position call, soliciting proposals for Cooperative Extension (CE) advisor and specialist positions. The call aimed to identify positions for strengthening and rebuilding the ANR network to address programmatic gaps and emerging needs. Due to the budget situation the release of approved positions was on hold until the fall of 2019; VP Humiston's 2018 announcement.

For reference, 2018 new CE position development process: flowchart

To see the 2018 proposed ideas that did not move forward to submittal, click the sub page on the side navigation. These ideas could be further developed by later submittal groups.

UC ANR also continues to pursue non-traditionally funded positions as a complimentary strategy to grow the programmatic footprint. As of January 2020, UC ANR developed funding partnerships to deploy $2.7M in non-traditionally funded positions: 9 academics and 14 programmatic staff. There are UC ANR resources on:

For questions, contact Katherine Webb-Martinez at or (510) 987-0029.

2018 URS Call for Positions

This proposal has been formally submitted for the 2018 cycle.

Position Details

67 Nutrition Family and Consumer Sciences Area Advisor

The NFCS Advisor position is responsible for assessment, development, implementation, administration, and evaluation of the UCCE NFCS educational and research programs in Fresno and Madera Counties. The advisor is expected to develop applied research projects for adults, families, and youth with an emphasis on nutrition and obesity prevention, including associated issues relevant to the counties such as food security, food safety and food resource management. The advisor will coordinate efforts with public/private sector nutrition-health related collaborators; seek external funding to complement federally funded nutrition programs and Healthy Families and Communities research initiatives; and develop educational materials and policy briefs. The advisor will provide leadership and expertise in nutrition and obesity prevention to other health-nutrition oriented programs in Fresno and Madera counties.

This position will address the critical and high priority issues of child and adult obesity, and the closely related issues of diet-related chronic disease, poverty and food insecurity in two counties with a combined population of well over a million people. In addition to the magnitude of the issues facing Fresno and Madera Counties, the need for this NFCS position is substantiated by the scope and scale of the existing ANR nutrition education program that has been without consistent academic leadership for over 7 years, which has resulted in missed opportunities for collaborations, research, and acquisition of external funding with long-standing community partners. Fresno and Madera County residents face major nutrition and health challenges that if not addressed could lead to years of disabling health conditions and unnecessary suffering, as well as negatively impacting family economic well-being and the economic viability of their communities. Nationally the rate of child and adolescent obesity has tripled to 18.5% in only one generation (CDC), making this the first generation of youth with shorter life expectancies than their parents. The population of Fresno-Madera mirrors this trend. The percent of children overweight for age in Fresno is 20%, considerably higher than the state average of 14%. Adult and teens overweight/obesity averages 73% and 40%, respectively, in these counties. With higher obesity rates for those living in poverty, almost 40% of the 1 million residents in Fresno and Madera live in poverty. Child poverty is also high in both counties (Fresno, 33%; Madera, 25.5%). Food insecurity---lack of access to adequate food---is strongly associated with household income (ERS/USDA). Not surprisingly, 16% of Fresno households and 13% of Madera households are food insecure and may lack adequate nutrition which is the foundation for health.

Proposed Location/Housing

Fresno County

Proposed Area of Coverage

Fresno and Madera Counties


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