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2021 Call for CE Positions

The 2021 CE Position Call was launched in August 2021 to identify UCCE Advisor and UCCE Specialist positions to be released over the next 12 months. The process has concluded.


The 2021-22 Release of UCCE Positions web page will list all the positions that have been released for recruitment as a result of this process. On March 14, 48 CE Advisor positions were released. CE Specialist positions will be announced in April 2022.  

Rebuilding the UC Cooperative Extension footprint, to address California's emerging and future needs, is made possible by the historic 2021-22 state budget increase. We are extremely grateful for the support and look forward to working with our partners to leverage these resources.

While this state budget increase will allow UC ANR to hire more people and achieve greater impact, we will continue seeking funding from additional sources to support the appropriate number of people with expertise needed to consistently and significantly improve the lives of all Californians. UC ANR continues to pursue non-traditionally funded positions as a complimentary strategy to grow the programmatic footprint. There are UC ANR resources on: how to develop co-funded positions and shared benefits of funding partnerships.


Process Information

Here is the link to the process flowchart with more details.

As in the past, we talked to our community partners and other stakeholders to identify the most pressing needs to prioritize the next rounds of hiring. We didn’t just refill past positions, instead we identified positions to address California’s emerging and future needs. Submittal groups, listed below, were expected to seek stakeholder input and work collaboratively across UC ANR units to make the best use of submission restrictions.

Review and consideration of UC ANR thematic cluster areas for hires was encouraged (see below) given building capacity in these areas is a priority to UC ANR.


Important Resources 

Those that submitted the position proposals:

For Advisor positions: The first four groups listed above submitted proposals, using the Universal Review System (URS) accessed from the ANR Portal. 

For Specialist positions: UC Campus Provosts or Chancellors emailed proposals to Wendy Powers. For any questions, please contact Wendy Powers or Mark Bell. For more information regarding how appointments will be handled between UC ANR and UC campuses other than UCB, UCD, and UCR, there is a Memorandum of Understanding and the APM guidelines. Program Team Leaders will submit their respective group's reviews through the URS. 


UCCE Programmatic Footprint Maps 

  • Link to landing page with some helpful information
  • Link to dashboard with maps
  • These maps illustrate current positions for UCCE Advisors, UCCE Specialists, other UCCE Academics, and Community Educator Specialists. They also illustrate UCCE Advisor and Specialist positions under-recruitment.
  • This information can illuminate gaps and needs to inform UCCE position proposal development and future hiring. 
  • Google sheet for user questions & comments


For overall process questions, contact Katherine Webb-Martinez at or (510) 987-0029.

For questions about using the Universal Review System (URS), contact Chris Hanson at


Call For Positions

This proposal has been formally submitted for the 2021 cycle.

Position Details

57 Water Quality-Quantity-Climate Change Area Advisor Mendocino Lake

The Area Water Quality, Quantity and Climate Change position is unique and will focus on the impacts of climate change (intensifying droughts, floods, wildfire, and extreme events) on water supply and quality in the North Coast regional area. Clientele include agricultural and natural resource producers as well as local government water agencies and water districts. Targeted focus includes 1) maintain and diversify local water supplies that reduce reliance on any one water supply (springs and well systems, recycled water, or water harvesting); 2) protect and enhance natural ecosystems sustaining fish, wildlife, and crop and animal agriculture; 3) build connections with local government water agencies, water districts, indigenous tribes and integrate water management through shared use of science, data and technology; and 4) identify and develop viable options to meet the requirements of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, Governor’s Water Resilience Portfolio and other local, state and regional policy issues. The Advisor will work with other CE Advisors with crop, animal agriculture and environmental disciplines including forestry, rangeland and fire Advisors providing water expertise to ensure watershed management is improved with direct benefits to climate resiliency. This position would become part of the UC Water Resilience team of Advisors and Specialists by specializing in North Coast water and climate change issues. It is a complementary position to the proposed Area Water Soil Resources Advisor housed in Sonoma County and would focus on issues where there is not as strong a County Water Agency as in Sonoma. The focus would be less on individual stakeholders or producers and more on broader regional issues like inter-basin transfers, the Two Basin Project, redevelopment of the Mendocino County Water Agency and advising regional water districts and tribes on drought, fire, and climate change adaptation. The position requires an MS or PhD in water resources and policy, irrigation, environmental engineering, climate change, hydrology, or other closely related field. Ideally, degrees would include several of those disciplines.

Proposed Headquarters

Mendocino County

Proposed Area of Coverage

Mendocino and Lake Counties


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