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Summary This WG brings together professionals from UC Riverside and Davis, CDFA, USDA, commodities and industries who are interested in Nematology. Its purpose is to report and discuss new advances, coordination of activities, research and extension needs, and training programs.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Andreas Westphal (Chair)
Phone 559-646-6555
Unit: Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
Membership List
AES Scientist
Baldwin, James Nematology Department
  Professor Nematologist Systematics; morphology; fine structure; phylogenetic analysis
Caswell-Chen, Edward Nematology CAES
  Associate Nematologist   Associate Professor Teaches nematode management; advanced nematology; research includes host-parasite relations; nematodes in disease complexes; applied nematology; cropping systems design
Crump, Amanda Department of Plant Sciences
  Lecturer, International Agricultural Development Extension Education, Postsecondary Education, Women and Vulnerable Groups, International Agricultural Development, International Program Management and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Integrated Pest Management, Tree Health, Technology Transfer Evaluation
De Ley, Paul Nematology Department
  Professor and Nematologist Ecology, Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Nematodes
Ferris, Howard Nematology CAES
  Professor   Nematologist-AES Nematode biology and pest management, population biology, population assessment, ecology, integrated pest management
Kaloshian, Isgouhi Nematology CAES
  Associate Nematologist   Associate Professor Molecular mechanisms of root-know nematode resistance in tomatoes.
Nadler, Steven Entomology (UCD)
  Department Chair and Professor
Platzer, Edward Nematology CAES
  Professor of Nematology & Biology Physiology and nutrition
Roberts, Philip Nematology Department
  Chair, Nematologist & Professor of Nematology Nematode host-parasite relations, genetics and pest management in field and vegetable crops
Van Gundy, Seymour Nematology Department
  Emeritus, Professor Nematology Nematology and plant pathology; nematode ecology and host-parasite relationship in plants
CE Advisor
Beede, Robert Kings County
  (Retired) Farm Advisor Emeritus Horticulture: Tree fruit, nuts, grapes
Downer, A. James Ventura County
  Advisor Pathology of landscape ornamentals , Phytophthora Root Rot, Mulches, Potting soils, Palm horticulture, climate ready trees, arboriculture, Master Gardener Advisor.
Stapleton, James Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  IPM Plant Pathologist Integrated pest management; alternatives to synthetic chemical products for disease and pest control; solar energy in pest management; soil-plant ecology; pest issues in natural areas; biological, physical, and cultural management of reservoirs of weedy plant propagative materials; seed pathology; sustainable and appropriate pest management technologies
Turini, Thomas Fresno County
  Advisor Vegetable crops
CE Specialist
Becker, J. Nematology Department
  Cooperative Extension Specialist & Nematologist Integrated pest management of plant-parasitic nematodes
McKenry, Michael Nematology Department
  Emeritus Nematologist and CE Nematology Specialist, Emeritus Field pathogenicity and practical control of nematodes in perennial crops
Ploeg, Antoon Nematology Department
  Associate Nematologist   Associate CE Nematology Specialist Nematode pest management in field and vegetable crops; virus transmission
Westerdahl, Becky Nematology CAES
  CE Specialist   Professor Applied nematology, integrated pest management
Westphal, Andreas Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
Other ANR
Dillman, Adler Nematology Department, scott.edwards
Stefanovskova, Tatiana
User, Unverified
Williamson, Valerie Nematology CAES
  Nematologist and Professor Molecular biology, molecular genetics of the host-nematode interaction, nematode resistance
User, Unverified
User, Unverified
Koike, Steven Monterey County
  Plant Pathology Farm Advisor, Emeritus Plant pathology research and education for vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops; plant disease diagnostics; food safey research and extension.
Nolan, Pat
  Plant Pathologist
User, Unverified
Membership Totals
Number of Members29
ANR Members24
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