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Grain Legume

Summary Support the sustainability of the California dry bean industry.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Nicholas Clark (Co-Chair)
Phone 559-852-2788
Unit: Kings County
Name Michelle Leinfelder-Miles (Co-Chair)
Phone 209-953-6100
Unit: San Joaquin County
Membership List
AES Scientist
Gepts, Paul Department of Plant Sciences
  AES, Geneticist, Distinguished, Professor Crop evolution, genetic conservation, gene flow, molecular evolution, genetics and genomics of beans, breeding of dry beans (lima, garbanzo, common)
Gilbertson, Robert Plant Pathology - CAES
  Professor Seed pathology, virology, insect-transmitted viruses
Roberts, Philip Nematology Department
  Chair, Nematologist & Professor of Nematology Nematode host-parasite relations, genetics and pest management in field and vegetable crops
CE Advisor
Clark, Nicholas Kings County
  Agronomy and Nutrient Management Farm Advisor Agronomic Cropping Systems and Nutrient Management
Leinfelder-Miles, Michelle San Joaquin County
  Farm Advisor Crop Production, Soil and Water Resources, the Delta
Light, Sarah Sutter-Yuba Counties
  Agronomy Farm Advisor Alfalfa/Hay, Beans, Wheat, Corn, Sorghum, Sunflower, Safflower, Hemp, Soil Health, Cover Crops, Agronomy, Annual Cropping Systems in the Sacramento Valley.
Wilson, Rob Intermountain Research & Extension Center
  Farm Advisor Pest managment in vegetable and field crops; Potato variety development; Production of potatoes, onions, peppermint, and small grains
CE Specialist
Swett, Cassandra Plant Pathology - CAES
  CE Specialist Vegetable and field crop pathology
Other ANR
Mkandawire, Alex Department of Plant Sciences
  SRA III Seed Certification
Membership Totals
Number of Members9
ANR Members9
Info Only0
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