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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Can onboarding be done prior to the start date?

A: Yes. Onboarding can be done prior to the hire date, however the new hire packet will not be processed no earlier than 3 days prior to the hire date. An employee will not have access to enroll in benefits via online until an UCD email address is established.


2.) Can I receive my email address before my hire date?

A: No. Several issues can arise if email addresses are created weeks or even days in advance. One concern is, if an email address is created before the actual hire date and the employee is inactive in the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) for more than 4 days, a message is sent to the server and the email begins to shut down; possibly creating more delays. 


3.) When will I receive my employee ID and email?

A: Your onboarding documents will be processed within 3 days of your start date by the Business Office Center (BOC). Once the BOC has processed your documents, you will receive an Employee Summary (IDOC) that will include your employee ID. The email process is first initiated by the new hire and calls for the new hire to create a UCD computing account. UCD email must be obtained before receiving an ANR email.


4.) Are all employment forms at the time of onboarding required for the BOC to process a new hire? 

A: No. 

What forms are required on the first day of onboarding?

  • New Employee Personal Information Form
  • State Oath Allegiance
  • Patent Policy & Patent Acknowledgment
  • Form I-9

However if a W-4 is not completed, information will be defaulted to zero until an updated W-4 is provided to the BOC or changed via At Your Service Online after establishing a UCD email address.


5.) Can an employee/employer sign Form I-9 in advance? If so, how much in advance?

A: Yes. I-9 can be signed in advance as long as the identification is not expired by the hire date. Employer portion must be signed & verified w/in 3 days of the hire date. An I-9 is valid for 3 years, unless employment authorization has expired. An I-9 form must be verified by an employee of the organization and not by a volunteer. Copies of identification should not be retained. 


6.) When will my benefits become effective?

A: Benefits will become effective on the employee’s official start date. An employee may elect their benefits upon receiving their UCD email address. Please be advised it takes 6 to 8 weeks for employees eligibility to be updated with the carriers, and to receive id cards. If an employee uses services before this period, they may be required to pay out of pocket. A claims forms will be required to be reimbursed once eligibility has been updated.


7.) Who do I contact if I need to make a change or have questions regarding my benefits?

A: If a change needs to be made, please contact the UC Davis Benefits Office at

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