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Summary The Desert Workgroup brings together the diverse ANR personnel, cooperators from other institutions, and clientele interested in agricultural and natural resource issues in arid climates. In this first year of the new workgroup we will hold two meetings. The meeting at the UC Riverside will include research reports and will focus on future collaborative research and outreach projects. A less structured meeting will be held at this year's Desert Vegetable conference and will focus on outreach and collaborative projects with ANR and other institutions.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Carmen Gispert (Chair)
Phone 951-827-0208
Unit: Riverside County, Palm Desert Office
Location: Cooperative Extension Riverside County, Indio Office
75080 Frank Sinatra Drive
Palm Desert, 92211
Membership List
AES Scientist
Jenkins, Bryan Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Professor Energy systems; biomass, bioenergy, biofuels, thermochemical conversion, combustion and gasification; environmental impacts; power systems; properties of fuels; systems analysis, modeling, and optimization.
Paw U, Kyaw Tha Atmospheric Science Program
  Professor of Atmospheric Science and Biometeorologist-AES Biomicrometeorology, biometeorology, evapotranspiration, carbon and trace gas fluxes, turbulence, land surface models, field measurements and modeling, surface renewal, boundary layer meteorology, aerosol physics
Perring, Thomas Entomology (UCR)
  Professor of Entomology and Entomologist Integrated management of insect and mite pests of agricultural crops, particularly in the desert. Biological control.
Roberts, Justin Biochemistry
  Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry The utilization of NMR spectroscopy to examine plant metabolism, plant responses to the environment
Schwabe, Kurt Agricultural & Resource Economics & Policy
  Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy Water Scarcity; Water Economics; Agricultural Water Use; Alternative strategies for pollution control; environmental and natural resource valuation; Salinity management/policy
Walling, Linda Botany & Plant Sciences
  Professor of Genetics Plant-insect interactions, wound and defense signal transduction
CE Advisor
Aguiar, Jose Riverside County, Palm Desert Office
  Farm Advisor Vegetable crops and small farms
Bachie, Oli Imperial County
  Imperial County Director Agronomy & Weed Management
Biscaro, Andre Ventura County
  Irrigation and Water Resources Advisor Irrigation and nutrient management of berry and vegetable crops
Devkota, Pratap Imperial County
  Area Low Desert Weed Science Advsior * Weed Management * Herbicide spray water quality * Soil fumigation
Gispert, Carmen Riverside County, Palm Desert Office
  Area Viticulture/Pest Management Advisor - Palm Desert Office Wine and table grapes
Hartin, Janet Los Angeles County
  Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor Environmental horticulture, urban greening, climate-ready trees, "Trees for Tomorrow" arboriculture, irrigation needs of landscape plants
Latack, Brooke Imperial County
  Livestock Advisor
Mcdonald, Christopher San Bernardino County
  Inland and Desert Natural Resources Advisor invasive plants, weeds, native plant restoration, vegetation management, sensitive species management, habitat restoration, restoration planning, environmental education
Montazar, Aliasghar San Diego County
  UCCE Irrigation and Water Management Advisor Irrigation and water management, measurement and modeling of surface energy balance variables/ET and crop coefficients, irrigation scheduling, drainage and water quality, on-farm irrigation system management and evaluation, salinity management and control practices, deficit irrigation, environmental instrumentation and modelling.
Rethwisch, Michael Riverside County
  Field Crops   University of California Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor   Palo Verde Valley Vegetables Entomology, Agronomy (Crop Production)
Rios, Sonia
  Area Subtropical Horticulture Advisor
Takele, Etaferahu San Bernardino County
  Area Advisor Farm Management/Agricultural Economics Area Advisor - Farm Management /Agricultural Economics - Production economics, decision-making at the farm level, integrated input management, risk managementSubtropical Fruit Crops (Citrus, Avocados) Vegetable crops, Field CropsRiverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Imperial, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Los Angles, Orange and Ventura.
Turini, Thomas Fresno County
  Vegetable Crops Advisor Vegetable crops production with emphasis in plant disease management and activities in entomology and nutrient management.
CE Specialist
Bali, Khaled Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  Irrigation Water Management Specialist Irrigation and water management, irrigation systems, soil salinity, drainage, infiltration, water quality, TMDL, biosolids
Becker, Jorn Nematology Department
  Distinguished Professor of Cooperative Extension in Nematology & Distinguished Nematologist Integrated pest management of plant-parasitic nematodes
Gan, Jay Environmental Sciences
  CE Water Quality Specialist and Professor of Environmental Chemistry Environmental risks and mitigation practices of pesticides, water and air quality issues related to pesticide uses, IPM practices
Grantz, David Botany & Plant Sciences
  Plant Physiologist & CE Specialist    Air pollution, Ozone, Environmental Crop Physiology, Biofuel Feedstocks
Jackson, Lee Department of Plant Sciences
  Emeritus CE Specialist - Small Grains Small Grains; Agronomy; Growth, development and plant breeding of small grains; small grain diseases; pathogen variability host resistance; genetics of host/parasite interaction; integrated pest management;integrated crop management; agricultural systems.
Mauk, Peggy Botany & Plant Sciences
  Director of Agricultural Operations/Subtropical Horticulture CE Specialist Citrus, avocados, and dates, crop production management, fiscal and personnel management
Mcgiffen Jr., Milton Botany & Plant Sciences
  CE Specialist and Plant Physiologist Vegetable Crops, Invasive Species, Weed Science, Sustainable Agriculture, and Alternatives to Methyl Bromide
Ploeg, Antoon Nematology Department
  Nematology Specialist Management of plant-parasitic nematodes in field and vegetable crops.
Putman, Alexander Plant Pathology
  Assistant Specialist in Cooperative Extension and Assistant Plant Pathologist Vegetable and strawberry crops; epidemiology and disease management; downy mildew diseases; soilborne pathogens
Other ANR
Clemons, Rita Riverside County
  Area County Director San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange Counties
Diaz, Jairo Desert Research & Extension Center
  Director Water Resources
Mostafa, Ayman
  Area Agent Field Crops IPM
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ANR Members30
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