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Water and Environmental Justice

Summary The Water and Environmental Justice workgroup will develop a vision for addressing California's water and environmental justice needs in UC ANR and its collaborators. UC ANR has multiple current and emerging contributions in this space, including programs that address drinking water availability in rural communities, natural resources and green space access in urban areas, and technical assistance and training for underserved agricultural producers. The Water and Environmental Justice workgroup will bring together UC ANR researchers and staff to identify on-going projects and find ways to promote environmental justice needs in projects and programs. Participation in the Water and Environmental Justice workgroup is open. Please contact the chairs for more information or to be added to the workgroup listserv.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Kristin Dobbin (Co-Chair)
Unit: Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
Name Erik Porse (Co-Chair)
Phone (530) 240-2612
Unit: California Institute for Water Resources
Membership List
AES Scientist
Petersen-Rockney, Margiana
  PhD Student Climate adaptation and US rural livelihood change.
Schwabe, Kurt Agricultural & Resource Economics & Policy
  Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy Water Scarcity; Water Economics; Agricultural Water Use; Alternative strategies for pollution control; environmental and natural resource valuation; Salinity management/policy
CE Advisor
Diekmann, Lucy Santa Clara County
  Urban Agriculture/Food Systems Advisor, Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties
Garza Diaz, Laura Mendocino County
  Area Water Quality, Quantity, and Climate Change Advisor Water and Climate Change Resilience
Hartin, Janet Los Angeles County
  Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor Environmental horticulture, urban greening, climate-ready trees, "Trees for Tomorrow" arboriculture, irrigation needs of landscape plants
Lofton, Esther Orange County - UC Cooperative Extension
  Urban Watershed Resilience Advisor Water Resources Engineering, Surfacewater Modeling, Groundwater Modelling, LID Practices, Remote Sensing, GIS, Climate Resources, Programming
Murillo-Barrick, Cristina Contra Costa County Cooperative Extension
  Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Community Development Advisor
Sangha, Laljeet Kern County
  UC Cooperative Extension community water systems advisor Community water systems advisor for Kern, Tulare and Kings counties.
Takale, Etaferahu
CE Specialist
De Guzman, Edith UC Los Angeles - Cooperative Extension Specialists
  Water Equity and Adaptation Policy Cooperative Extension Specialist Climate adaptation, urban forestry, water management, heat mitigation, art & science collaborations
Dobbin, Kristin Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
  UC Cooperative Extension specialist Water justice policy and planning
Getz, Christy Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
  Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist in Agriculture and Food Systems Political economy and governance of food and agriculture systems; farm labor movements; social certification; food safety; cannabis; organic agriculture; farmworker health and wellbeing
Grantham, Ted ESPM - Ecosystem Sciences
  Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist climate, water management and freshwater ecology
Porse, Erik California Institute for Water Resources
  Director, California Institute for Water Resources, and Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist Water resources management and policy, systems analysis, urban water, asset and utility management, public policy, water resource systems analysis, watershed
Sandoval Solis, Samuel Land, Air & Water Resources
  Associate Professor and Cooperative Extension Specialist in Water Resources Water Resources Management, Environmental Flows, Agricultural Water management, Risk Analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis, Science Communication
Other ANR
Atume, Ngodoo Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
Cassio Madrazo, Erika California Institute for Water Resources
Hecht, Christina Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI)
  UC ANR Nutrition Policy Institute Academic Coordinator Water; Policy; Child Nutrition Programs
Ira, Gregory Environmental Stewards (formerly California Naturalist Program)
  Director, UC Environmental Stewards Statewide Program Environmental Stewardship, Environmental Education, Climate Change Education, Natural History Training, Program Management, Collective Impact, Workforce Development, Social Franchise.
Jaquez, Michael San Diego County
  Community Education Specialist III Climate Smart Agriculture
Richards, Chandra San Bernardino County
  Land Equity Academic Coordinator II
Other UC, cnaughton2
Pierce, Gregory
  Co-Director water, basic services, governance
Rivera, Danielle
  Assistant Professor Planning
Srinivasan, Jaishri
Membership Totals
Number of Members25
ANR Members25
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