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Summary Support the strawberry extension activities.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Mark Bolda (Chair)
Phone (831) 763-8025
Unit: Santa Cruz County
Location: Cooperative Extension Santa Cruz County
1430 Freedom Boulevard, Suite E
Watsonville, 95076-2796
Membership List
AES Scientist
Goodhue, Rachael Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Professor, Agricultural Economist-AES Agricultural Marketing and Organization, Contracting, Pesticide Use and Regulation, Agricultural Policy, Agri-environmental Policy, Natural Resources and Property Rights, Bio-economic Modeling of Agricultural Production Systems, Technology Adoption
CE Advisor
Baameur, Aziz Small Farm Program
  Retired Emeritus, Farm Advisor Small Farms, cultivar evaluation, nutrient management, irrigation, specialty crops, vegetables, Asian vegetables, Small Farms
Bolda, Mark Santa Cruz County
  Farm Advisor, Strawberries & Caneberries Strawberry and caneberry culture - horticulture, fertility, pest management practices, closed environment agriculture
Buchner, Richard Tehama County
  Orchard Advisor - Emeritus Pomology for Tehama County. Strawberry nursery production in North Coast & Mountain Region
Dara, Surendra San Luis Obispo County
  Director and Professor Biologicals, integrated pest management, and entomology
Daugovish, Oleg Ventura County
  Strawberry and Vegetable Crop Advisor Ag and Environmental Issues for Veg Crops and Strawberries
Ingels, Chuck Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Farm Advisor Tree crops, grapes, environmental horticulture, and Master Gardeners/urban horticulture. Areas of research and extension focus include IPM, evaluation of sustainable products and practices, water conservation and deficit irrigation, home orchards and vineyards, sustainable landscaping, alternative turfgrass species, and tree training, pruning, and grafting.
Kabashima, John Orange County - UC Cooperative Extension
  Environmental Horticulture Advisor, Emeritus Ornamental horticulture, nursery crops, pest management, exotic and invasive pests, water runoff, water quality
Koike, Steven Monterey County
  Plant Pathology Farm Advisor, Emeritus Plant pathology research and education for vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops; plant disease diagnostics; food safey research and extension.
Marcum, Daniel Shasta-Lassen Office
  Farm Advisor - Emeritus Irrigation, plant nutrition, salinity, entomology, sustainable agriculture, agronomy, vegetable crops, engineering, plant pathology, integrated pest management, systems management, economics, weed control, nematology, strawberry nursery production, garlic, wild rice, alfalfa, timothy, sugarbeet, pasture, range, biodiversity, peppermint, viticulture
Molinar, Richard Small Farm Program
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus Small farms, vegetable crops, organic farming, insect/weed management, specialty crops, sugar peas, strawberries, eggplant, squash, Asian vegetables such as basil, lemongrass, green beans, long beans, gailon, bittermelons, refugee farmers, Hmong, Lao, fluent in Spanish
Norton, Maxwell Merced County
  Farm Advisor - Emeritus Specialties: Tree fruit, farmland preservation, figs, pomegranates, peaches
Tourte, Laura Santa Cruz County
  Farm Management Advisor - Emeritus
CE Specialist
Crisosto, Carlos Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  CE Postharvest Physiologist Extension and research on postharvest biology and technology of fruits; fruit and nuts quality and deterioration and handling systems
Elmore, Clyde Weed Science Program
  CE Weed Scientist, Emeritus Vegetation management in ornamentals, turf, tree fruits and vines, use of resident vegetation and planted cover crops, utilization of soil solarization for control of weeds
Fennimore, Steven Weed Science Program
  CE Weed Specialist Weed control in cool-season vegetables, weed biology, weed seed germination. Automated weed managment with intelligent weeders. Soil disinfestation with steam in strawberry and vegetables.
Grantz, David Botany & Plant Sciences
  Plant Physiologist & CE Specialist    Air pollution, Ozone, Environmental Crop Physiology, Biofuel Feedstocks
Klonsky, Karen Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Emerita Farm Management and Production, Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Agriculture
McKenry, Michael Nematology Department
  Emeritus Nematologist and CE Nematology Specialist, Emeritus Field pathogenicity and practical control of nematodes in perennial crops
Mitcham, Elizabeth Department of Plant Sciences
  Director, Postharvest Center Postharvest physiology and technology of fruit and nut crops; emphasis on maintaining flavor quality after harvest, enhancing consumption of produce, and reducing food loss. Also studying regulation of fruit ripening and mechanisms underlying calcium def
Toscano, Nick Entomology (UCR)
  Extension Entomologist Integrated pest management involving insects, mites and other invertebrates in field and vegetable crops with emphasis on resistance management and alternatives to synthetic insecticides
Westerdahl, Becky Nematology CAES
  CE Specialistáá Professor Applied nematology, integrated pest management
Zalom, Frank Entomology (UCD)
  Distinguished Professor and CE Specialist Fruit and Vegetable Crop Entomology; Integrated Pest Management
Other ANR
Carter, Colin Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Professor, Agricultural Economist Commodity markets, International trade
Chalfant, James Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Professor, Agricultural Economist Econometrics, Agricultural marketing and demand analysis, Risk & uncertainty, Agricultural production and supply, Environmental Economics
Duniway, John Plant Pathology - CAES
  Professor   Emeritus   Plant Pathologist Epidemiology, soilborn pathogens, water relations
Larson, Kirk Department of Plant Sciences
  CE Pomologist-AES & CE Strawberry production physiology; strawberry cultivar improvement
Paulus, Albert Plant Pathology
  Emeritus   CE Plant Pathologist Diseases of vegetables, field crops, strawberries
Sims, James Plant Pathology
  Professor   Emeritus   Chemist Isolation, structure determination and synthesis of natural products with emphasis on biologically active molecules
Browne, Greg Plant Pathology - CAES
  USDA Research Plant Pathologist Soil-borne diseases of fruit and nut trees and other horticultural crops
Membership Totals
Number of Members30
ANR Members29
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