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Agroecology and Organic Farming Systems

Summary The purpose of the Agroecology and Organic Farming Systems Workgroup is to create an interdisciplinary forum to share information on research and outreach in agroecology, biologically integrated and diversified farming systems, and organic farming systems in California, with a focus on enhancing the ecosystem services from agriculture and reducing reliance on toxic and/or unsustainably-produced, fossil fuel-based farm inputs. This purpose includes the following specific goals: • Educate Farm Advisors, CE Specialists and other interested UC and non- UC persons on agroecology, biologically integrated and diversified farming systems, and organic farming practices suitable for California conditions. • Share information about ongoing UC and external research relating to (but not limited to) crop and livestock production practices, communication and adoption of practices, and regulatory and institutional aspects. • Identify critical information gaps that are a barrier to further expansion of agroecologically-informed farming practices in California, and help to initiate research to solve these barriers. • Provide support to develop ANR publications on agroecology and organic production practices, prioritizing needs based on farmer interest, available knowledge and potential authors willing and able to contribute. • Identify funding opportunities for organic production research and convene multi-disciplinary research and proposal-writing teams. • Assist UC workgroup members to link with interested industry associations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Sonja Brodt (Co-Chair)
Phone (530) 786-0331
Unit: Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
Name Joji Muramoto (Co-Chair)
Membership List
AES Scientist
Bowles, Tim
  Assistant Professor agroecology, soil biogeochemistry, plant-soil-microbe interactions
DeMaster, Kathryn Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
  Associate Professor of Agriculture, Society, and Environment Agrifood systems, rural sociology, the sociology and political ecology of agriculture
Gonzales, Janis San Diego County
  Project Coordinator/Community Education Supervisor II Program development and management of specialty community education and outreach programs: Climate Resilient Agriculture, Goldspotted Oak Borer, Invasive Shot Hole Borer, South American Palm Weevil, Beekeeping and Wildfire
Kremen, Claire Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
Scow, Kate Land, Air & Water Resources
  Distinguished Professor Soil Microbial Ecologist-AES Microbiology of carbon and nitrogen cycling in agricultural soils; impact of management practices on soil biodiversity; biodegradation and bioremediation of contaminants in groundwater and soil.
Tomich, Thomas Environmental Science and Policy
  Distinguished Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy Food systems, natural resource management, integrated ecosystem assessment, sustainability science and policy
CE Advisor
Bachie, Oli Imperial County
  Imperial County Director Agronomy & Weed Management
Bennaton, Rob Master Food Preservers
  Bay Area Urban Agriculture Advisor Small Scale Food Production and Soil Quality/Resource Management ; Food and Land Access and Security
Culumber, Mae Fresno County
  Nut Crops Farm Advisor
Dahlquist-Willard, Ruth Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
  Interim Director, UC SAREP
Dara, Surendra San Luis Obispo County
  Director and Professor Biologicals, integrated pest management, and entomology
Daugovish, Oleg Ventura County
  Strawberry and Vegetable Crop Advisor Ag and Environmental Issues for Veg Crops and Strawberries
Galla, Mariano Tehama County
  Agronomy & Weed Science Advisor
Gaskell, Mark San Luis Obispo County
  Emeritus - Farm Advisor Specialty crops, small fruit crops, vegetables, sustainable agriculture, small farms in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.
Gazula, Aparna Santa Clara County
  Small Farm Advisor Vegetable Production, Nutrient Management, Small Farms
Hartin, Janet Los Angeles County
  Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor Environmental horticulture, urban greening, climate-ready trees, "Trees for Tomorrow" arboriculture, irrigation needs of landscape plants
Light, Sarah Sutter-Yuba Counties
  Agronomy Farm Advisor Alfalfa/Hay, Beans, Wheat, Corn, Sorghum, Sunflower, Safflower, Hemp, Soil Health, Cover Crops, Agronomy, Annual Cropping Systems in the Sacramento Valley.
Lloyd, Margaret Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Small Farms Advisor Organic
Mcgourty, Glenn Mendocino County
  Viticulture & Plant Science Advisor - Emeritus Plant science--all horticultural crops including wine grapes, vegetables; viticulture; nursery and floriculture (ornamentals); landscape; also sustainable agriculture and weed science
Middleton, Eric San Diego County
  Area IPM Advisor
Reiter, Maggie Madera County
  Turfgrass and Environmental Horticulture Advisor Turfgrass management
Roncoroni, John Napa County
  Weed Science Farm Advisor, Emeritus Weed Control and Vegetation Management in Perennial Crops, Covercrops and Aquatic Weed Control
Tourte, Laura Santa Cruz County
  Farm Management Advisor - Emeritus
Wilson, Rob Intermountain Research & Extension Center
  Farm Advisor Pest managment in vegetable and field crops; Potato variety development; Production of potatoes, onions, peppermint, and small grains
CE Specialist
Fennimore, Steven Weed Science Program
  CE Weed Specialist Weed control in cool-season vegetables, weed biology, weed seed germination. Automated weed managment with intelligent weeders. Soil disinfestation with steam in strawberry and vegetables.
Getz, Christy Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
  Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist in Agriculture and Food Systems Political economy and governance of food and agriculture systems; farm labor movements; social certification; food safety; cannabis; organic agriculture; farmworker health and wellbeing
Mcgiffen Jr., Milton Botany & Plant Sciences
  CE Specialist and Plant Physiologist Vegetable Crops, Invasive Species, Weed Science, Sustainable Agriculture, and Alternatives to Methyl Bromide
Pires, Alda Population Health & Reproduction
  Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension & Associate Agronomist in AES Urban Agriculture and Food Safety, Veterinary Epidemiology,
Sowerwine, Jennifer Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
  Associate Specialist Metropolitan agriculture, sustainable food systems, agroecology, food security, food sovereignty.
Wilson, Houston Entomology (UCR)
  Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist Orchard/vineyard IPM, insect ecology, organic agriculture, agroecology
Other ANR
Bailey, John Hopland Research & Extension Center
  Director Sustainable enterprise, ecological horticulture, business planning
Brodt, Sonja Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
  Assoc. Director & Academic Coordinator (Agriculture & Environment), UC SAREP Agriculture, Resources, and the Environment
Engelskirchen, Gwenael Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
  Sustainable Food & Farming Coordinator
Hernandez, Paulina Santa Clara County
  Community Education Specialist II Small Farms Program Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito County
Kanter, Jessica Fresno-Madera Cooperative Extension
Leff, Penny Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
  Agritourism Coordinator/Public Education Specialist Agritourism support
Andrews, Ellie Sonoma County
  Specialty Crops Advisor, Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties Agroecology, Agronomy, Soil-Plant Water Dynamics, Nutrient Management, Plant Physiology, Soil Health
  Director, Statewide Programs and REC Operations ANR - Program Planning, Financial and Budget Management, UC and Federal Policy Compliance
Schilder, Annemiek Ventura County
  Director, UCCE Ventura County and Hansen Agricultural Research and Extension Center Small Fruit Pathology, mycology, applied virology, plant disease diagnostics, organic/sustainable disease management, integrated pest management
Thrupp, Ann Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
Trotter, Vince Marin County
  Sustainable Ag Coordinator & Agricultural Ombudsman
, emily
Decock, Charlotte Natural Resources Management and Environmental Science, CA Polytechnic State Univ., San Luis Obispo
Donovan, Meaghan
  Senior Education Specialist Organic agriculture / Farmer education, afischer
Parr, Jessica
  Assistant Director Organic Agriculture, sajeemint
Shrestha, Anil Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  IPM Weed Ecologist Development and implementation of IPM strategies and tactics for vegetation management. Primary crops corn, cotton, tree fruit, grape, tomato.
Snyder, Lauren
  Education & Research Program Associate Agroecology & sustainable food systems, brise
Tiffany, Sara
  Director of Ecological Farming Sustainable agriculture, soil health
Other UC, pavlo.ardanov
Ichikawa, Nina F.
  Executive Director food policy, agriculture policy
Marsh, Robin
  Senior Researcher
Marsh, Robin
  Senior Researcher
Muramoto, Joji, npinzon, amber.sciligo
Tautges, Nicole
  agronomy, tomatoes, field crops, forages, nutrient management, eolimpi
Membership Totals
Number of Members60
ANR Members50
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