UC ANR DEI Alliance


What is the goal of the DEI Alliance?
The ANR Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Alliance exists to

to examine our own individual and organizational complicity in racist systems and to build support for ANR to become a true multicultural and inclusive institution.

Why join?

Learn and network with ANR colleagues who identify anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-ablism… as important values, see your work and behavior with a new lens; gain professional development; help make positive change at ANR.

DEI Interest Form - Interested in joining the DEI Alliance? Fill out the form.

DEI Alliance Structure – Learn about the current structure of the Alliance noting that this is a living document.

Sub-committee Overview - Many of our members serve on subcommittees to fulfill various roles. We welcome newcomers to join one or more of these:

  • Workforce Diversity Sub-committee
  • Evaluation Sub-committee
  • Coordination & Outreach Sub-committee
  • Learning Sub-committee
  • Policy Sub-committee

Equality & Equity – What’s the difference? Click on this graphic illustration to learn more.

More resources:
Subcommittee Contact Position Description
Subcommittee Contacts
Anti-racism Resources
Pride Month Learning Resources
Sexual and Gender Inclusion Resources
Group Agreements
Welcome Session Agenda
Employee DEI Resources Page
DEI Alliance Anonymous Feedback Form

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