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Math Activities for Kids

Scavenger hunt


What is it? This link has a shapes scavenger hunt for children 3-4 years and up.

How does it work? Print out the page for your child. You can also just view it on your phone. 

Why might this be a good choice for your child? This game helps children develop language and knowledge about shapes. It also helps them work on comparing and looking for similarities.


Juego de Búsqueda


Que es? Este link tiene una pagina de juegos de búsqueda para niños y niñas de 3 o 4 años a más.

Cómo funciona? Imprima la página proveída para su niño o niña o simplemente mirelas en su teléfono. 

Porque es beneficioso?Este juego promueve el desarrollo de vocabulario y conocimiento de las formas geométricas. También los ayuda a trabajar la habilidad de observación y comparación.


Hide and Seek With Shapes


What is it? A list of instructions for playing hide and go seek with shapes. 

How does it work? Follow the instructions and play with your child by giving them clues about the shapes they are looking for. By using words like circle, triangle, square or  rectangle, and by describing the shapes, “This shape has 3 sides and three corners,” or “this shape looks like a ball.”

Why might this be a good choice for your child? Learning about shapes through games, gives children a fun way to start building math knowledge. It sets them up for learning about more difficult math concepts in the future.


Simple Outdoor Number Activities


What is it? This is a blog entry from Fun-A-Day with 3 easy and fun activities to take math to the outdoors! 

How does it work? One activity is simply numbers on rocks that children can explore in many ways-Ordering, adding, matching. One is a physical activity - jumping from number to number. And the last is great counting practice with natural materials. Consider using leaves, flowers, or whatever you have readily available, instead of rocks & pinecones.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? These activities will encourage number practice while also getting fresh air. They can be done on a patio, a sidewalk, or a driveway.